Trading Eights: B2B Marketing Riffs with Today’s Top Influencers

February 9, 2016

Great jazz musicians have the soul of an artist and the brain of a chess master. Their free-form expression is deeply rooted in knowledge of chord structure and musical theory. When jazz musicians take turns soloing—it’s called “trading eights,” because they take turns playing eight bars of music—it’s a collaborative act, but also a deeply personal one.

For marketers, all of the above should sound familiar. Marketing requires intuition, creativity, knowledge, and skill. It’s technical and emotional. It’s a collaborative art form where each individual brings their unique contribution. And when every member of the ensemble has serious chops, together they create something that really cooks.

For our new video series, we filled out our ensemble with the marketing equivalents of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Dave Brubeck. Then we asked them to trade eights—to draw on their knowledge and creativity for spontaneous answers to tough questions.

Take a look at the preview of Linkedin's "Trading Eights" video series.

Watch the full video series to see our ensemble riff on enabling creativity, proving success, and getting the most out of LinkedIn as a critical part of your marketing strategy. Here's a preview.

Meet the Star-Studded Ensemble

These jazz virtuosos of the marketing world combine intuition, creativity, experience, and analysis to get results. They are:

Ready to Jazz up Your Marketing?

Watch the Trading Eights video series for the inspiration and advice that can keep your B2B marketing ensemble cooking.