Why Data is the new Oil

LinkedIn’s Ben Weeden on the future of data and creativity

October 8, 2016

Why Data is the new Oil

Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions EMEA blog.

In its natural form, it’s difficult to access and impossible to use. Extract it, refine it for a particular purpose and pipe it to where it is needed, and it becomes the most valuable commodity on earth. Not so very long ago, Ben Weeden of LinkedIn’s Insights Team would most likely have been talking about oil. Today, he’s talking about data.

Ben features in the first of our new InSide Voices films – short films with interesting point of view on the big issues for marketing. He gives his take on how LinkedIn can help advertisers extract the real value of data – in part through more efficient approaches to data mining, data extraction and data analysis. And in part through broadening our definition of what data is.

It’s well worth three minutes of your time to watch. Ben is the kind of creative data scientist that consigns stereotypes of incomprehensible nerds to the 80s teen movies where they belong. He’s fun, fresh thinking, and his views on the future of data and creativity are well worth hearing.

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