Why Demand Gen Marketers Should Watch Groundhog Day Over the Holidays

Carla Johnson narrates as Brian Clark finds content marketing inspiration in the Bill Murray classic

December 30, 2017

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one of the most profound and funny films of all time also happened to provide an object lesson in how to generate demand and nurture prospects through content marketing? Well, wonder no more, because as Carla Johnson demonstrates through her choice of post for our festive marketing playlist, demand generation marketers can learn a lot from the movie Groundhog Day.

Carla narrates her favourite piece of marketing thought leadership from 2017: a post from Rainmaker Digital Founder and CEO Brian Clark entitled Content Marketing as Seduction. It uses the experiences of Bill Murray’s character Phil Connors to demonstrate how having the most relevant and detailed data imaginable won’t help you one bit if you are only using that data to achieve your own ends, on your own schedule. Just as Connors learns after endlessly trying and failing to seduce Andie McDowell, simply repeating back somebody’s priorities and values to show how aligned you are doesn’t work. Human beings easily see through such clumsy manipulation. It’s only when you genuinely make that person the hero of your story together that seduction (positive, empowering, welcome seduction) happens.

Groundhog Day isn’t the only movie reference in this cracking post, which Carla narrates with all the aplomb you’d expect from a top keynote speaker. You’ll also learn how content marketers focusing on demand generation need to be more Obi-Wan Kenobi than Luke Skywalker, more Morpheus than Neo, more Glenda the Good Witch than Dorothy. As an extra bonus, by the time you’ve finished listening, you’ll have the perfect excuse to curl up with some mince pies and a stack of favorite films over the holidays. 

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