Hold Onto Something! Mitch Joel is Reading Chuck Wendig on the Festive Marketing Playlist

It’s bizarre, hilarious, scary and inspiring – and the best way any content marketer could spend the next 12 minutes

December 21, 2017

It’s bizarre, hilarious, scary and inspiring – and the best way any content marketer could spend the next 12 minutes

Okay – so a post entitled A Very Good List of Vital Writing Advice – Do Not Ignore! doesn’t necessarily sound like it would make for an entertaining listen. A narrator who describes himself as ‘bumbling through it’ doesn’t sound like a great selling point either. These are natural instincts to have when it comes to the latest episode of our festive marketing playlist. Ignore these instincts. They are wrong. They want to keep you from the most bizarre, hilarious, scary and inspiring 12 minutes of your marketing life.

Because this post is written by Chuck Wendig – an insanely great writer who’s also an insanely great writer about writing. It’s narrated by Mitch Joel, President of the digital agency Mirum and author of Six Pixels of Separation and CTRL ALT Delete. If you know Mitch, or if you’ve heard him on our Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast, then you’ll know that he’s sharp, smart and very funny. And that’s exactly what this post and this performance are.

Here’s Mitch on why any content marketer (in fact any human being with a story to tell) should be listening to this post:

I chose this post – Why? All great content marketing comes from a great story. Too many brands forget this. I tend to think of content in terms of writing. Because of this, I tend to follow writers who are not only great at their craft, but even better when writing about it.

You may be hard pressed to find a better example of this than Steve Pressfield (check out The War of Art). Beyond Steven, I am also a huge fan of Chuck Wendig. He’s written a ton of books (including some Star Wars books!), but he’s also awesome at writing about writing. He’s not really writing about writing… he’s writing about how to find a better voice… and a better story. He posted this on his blog in February of this year. When I get stuck. When I can’t find the story… I read this. Now, for you, I am reading it. He uses some big words. Instead of trying to sound smart (and editing the audio), I just bumbled through it. Forgive me. I write better than I read ;) Also, NSFW… he swears a lot. I don’t. He does.”

Rest assured. It’s only NSFW (Not Safe for Work) if you work in a very, very buttoned-down office with a very unimaginative policy towards swearing. If you work in most places, and if you work in marketing, then this is definitely SFW. In fact, it’s essential.

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