This is Why Content Marketers Shouldn’t Copy President Obama

Chris Marr reads a classic Jay Baer post on the festive marketing playlist

December 24, 2017

Christmas wisdom from a Marketing Grinch

What inspired the Content Marketing Academy founder Chris Marr to choose this inspired rant from Jay Baer to narrate for our festive marketing playlist? As Chris explains, it’s a response to a trend that seems to have reached critical mass recently – and which is rapidly draining originality and value from content marketing strategies.

The bandwagon in question is hard to resist because it seems to be so incredibly effective, not least when former President Obama leverages it to register the year’s most liked tweet. It involves taking a quote from an acknowledged visionary or influencer, pairing it with an image, and then sharing it across your network. More recently it’s involved content marketers quoting themselves in the same grandiose look-how-profound-or-insightful-I-am manner. And as Jay and Chris both argue (very entertainingly), it’s got to stop or we’re all doomed!

Here’s Chris’s take on why we need to stop the laziness and commit to doing better when it comes to sharing content on social:

We've all shared the odd quote image here and there. I'm as guilty as the next marketer. However, this year I noticed a big trend in marketers sharing their own quotes, on photos of themselves, on their own social channels! And it pushed me over the edge!

For me it feels narcissistic, egotistical and quite frankly lazy. You can even see marketers taking screenshots of quote-tweets and then using that image on Instagram. I don't think it get's much lazier that that! 

I think we've reached the bottom, and no one said it better this year than Jay Baer. I chose to read his blog article because it aligned with how I felt about quote images, and helped me to understand and articulate what I didn't like about this marketing trend.

Jay calls for us all to do better as marketers, and I think we can all do better too.”

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