A Vision of Christmas Future for Retail and Marketing

Ron Tite reads from The Retail Prophet on the Festive Marketing Playlist

December 31, 2017

We’re encouraged to spend part of the holiday period looking towards the future. The New Year is when we resolve to do things differently: to develop, to evolve. In a way, that’s what Ron Tite’s entry in our festive marketing playlist is all about. As New Year’s Resolutions go though, this is far beyond promising to go to the gym more often or stop taking the elevator. It’s pretty heavy stuff – for both retailers and marketers.

The stand-up comedian, author and chairman of the Tite Group narrates a post by Doug Stephens, the Retail Prophet. It’s entitled To Save Retail, Let it Die and it lays out some hard-hitting home truths when it comes to just how disrupted human beings’ experience of choosing brands and buying products is about to become. 

The upshot of this festive prophecy is that retail, as we understand it today, has no future. The intersection of eCommerce, the Internet of Things and voice search will make the idea of travelling to a store to buy the products that we need seem laughable. However, that doesn’t mean physical stores will disappear. Instead they’ll become one of the most important branding opportunities out there. It’s all part of a fundamental change to how people think about purchasing that’s as important to marketers as it is to retailers – and that makes this post an essential addition to our festive marketing playlist.

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