Ann Handley Reads Doug Kessler on the Festive Marketing Playlist

The first in our Holiday Classics series of top thought leadership, narrated by top marketing influencers–it’s guaranteed to leave content marketers feeling all warm and inspired inside

December 12, 2017

Ann Handley

Here’s the first episode in our festive playlist of great marketing thought leadership narrated by top marketing influencers and it’s a proper holiday treat. We give you Ann Handley of MarketingProfs reading one of the most inspiring and funny posts about content marketing that I’ve ever read. And doing it with real feeling!

The post she narrates is written by the always entertaining Doug Kessler. It’s called Two Ways to Fail in B2B Content Marketing. It makes me smile. It makes me nod knowingly. It makes me flashback to the times I’ve sat there while a creative idea gets painfully watered down and the (thankfully much more frequent) times when a team and I have made the decision to really go for it. It’s an empowering three minutes that should be required listening for any content marketer between now and New Year.

Do yourself a festive favor: pop in some earbuds and listen. Or if you prefer, gather some colleagues round your desk, share out some mince pies and listen together. I promise you a grin on your face, conviction in your heart, and that special feeling of: hey, why sweat the small stuff when you've got the chance to go out and do something special.

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