IBM's Jeremy Waite on the Best Post He's Read This Year

The latest in our series of top marketing posts narrated by top marketing influencers

December 16, 2017

Marketing Influencers

There’s always one kid in the class who goes above and beyond what you ask of them. When it comes to our festive playlist of great marketing thought leadership narrated by top marketing influencers, that kid is Jeremy Waite.

The Global Leader of CMO Programs at IBM, and the EMEA Evangelist for Watson Marketing, doesn’t just narrate his favourite post from this year. He deconstructs it, argues for why it should be required reading, and relates it to his own experiences. The result is a great piece of insight into the challenges that CMOs face, and how their role and their priorities need to change to meet them.

The post that Jeremy has chosen is The Trouble with CMOs, by Kimberly A Whitler and Neil Morgan, which first appeared in Harvard Business Review this year. It features a statistic that should send Scrooge-like chills down the spine of senior marketers: 80% of CEOs say that they don’t trust or are unimpressed by their CMOs. In his introduction to the post, Jeremy explains why he believes this gulf in trust has opened up – and why the solution lies in evolving the CMO role.

His argument echoes LinkedIn’s CMO, Shannon Brayton, who explained on our Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast how CEOs and CMOs need to work together to find the right definition of the CMO role for their business. Listen to Jeremy’s episode of our festive playlist and you start to see that there’s actually great opportunity in redefining the CMO role – or even splitting it to reflect the increasingly diverse role of marketing itself. It’s thought-provoking stuff to reflect on ready for the year ahead.

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