Introducing LinkedIn's Agency Voices Program

On the LinkedIn Platform, Agency Executives Are Sharing Their Viewpoints on the Future of the Ad World

December 20, 2017

Agency Voices

LinkedIn recently launched its Agency Voices program in the United States. This program shines a spotlight on top advertising agency executives and their viewpoints on where the industry is headed in 2018 and beyond.

Through Agency Voices, executives such as Veronica Norcross, Managing Director, Client Services, Wavemaker; Sean Reardon, CEO, Zenith Moxie, and MRY; Jill Sherman, SVP, Social Strategy, Digitas; and others are using the LinkedIn platform to post their thoughts on the critical issues impacting the ad world’s future.

To provide a clear idea on what the Agency Voices participants are writing about, we thought we’d go straight to the source. We interviewed six Agency Voices thought leaders on camera about the posts they’ve written or have planned. Here’s a cross-section of what they told us:

Scott Shamberg, U.S. CEO of Performics:

These marketplaces — Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, HookLogic — they are part of that digital ecosystem and you have to account for it and you have to begin to really think through your strategy there versus have it be an add on.

Keith Mackay, President, Blue 449

I wrote the piece on collaboration because the reality is it's the pinnacle challenge that we suffer from today, because the technology we use to be more efficient while we work pulls us away from actually just sitting down across the table and solving problem for a client.

Sean Muzzy, Chief Product and Platform Officer, Neo Worldwide:

It's more important to focus on why people are buying things and how they're buying it so that we can make those experiences more relevant and more connected for them.

To see the interviews, take a look at the Agency Voices video below. 

LinkedIn Agency Voices

And if you want to dive deeper into some of what these agency leaders are saying, here are a handful of the Agency Voices posts that are already generating debate in the LinkedIn feed.

For more posts discussing the critical issues that are influencing the future of the advertising agency business, search #AgencyVoices on LinkedIn.

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