We Asked 10 Happy Marketers What They Love Most about Their Jobs

February 14, 2017

There’s a lot to love about being a modern marketer. Our profession is getting more creative and more technical at the same time. We can start with a cool idea, inform it with up-to-the-minute data, and share it with the world, all without leaving our desks. We get paid to write, create, and build relationships. If we’re doing the job right, we can have fun and actually, genuinely help people at the same time.

That’s not to say it’s a stress-free industry, or that every day is full of hearts and flowers. But this Valentine’s week, let’s take a minute to think about why we do what we do, and what makes the job worth it.

We asked some of our favorite marketers what they love most about the job. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Jay Acunzo, Keynote Speaker & Host, Unthinkable Podcast

I cackle to myself about one thing above all else: That my JOB is to tell meaningful stories dug up from the seemingly day-to-day. In my head, it's like I'm creating the Anthony Bourdain "Parts Unknown" of marketing. The "parts unknown" of his travel show aren't the locations but the nuances he reaches when telling stories about those places.

Even though it's easy to say, "It's only marketing," I know most of us believe there's something more to our work. We experience all kinds of meaning and emotion in what we do. It matters. We matter. There's something more than the usual list of tips-and-tricks addresses. And THAT is my job, somehow -- a weekly show and keynote speeches about THAT. Are you kidding me? Gratitude, man. So much gratitude...

2. Mel Carson, Founder & CEO, Delightful Communications

Ever since I started my agency, Delightful Communications, my mission has always been to inspire and educate businesses and their leaders to be more discoverable, shareable and memorable. What I love about my job is that message has really resonated over the years and that when brands realize they should be focusing on people and not just pixels, we’re able to help them transform for the better.

I love being independent, being be able to choose the clients we work with, and partner with companies and people who truly want to evolve and innovate their relationship with a constantly changing consumer.

3. Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder & Strategic Director, Orbit Media Studios

So many things. But the best thing about being "agency side" is seeing the inside of so many businesses. It's fascinating. Just in the last two weeks, I've met with a huge range of companies:

  • A company that removes live, wild animals from attics
  • An association of maxillofacial surgeons
  • A company that designs furniture for airports and libraries
  • A 180-year old metals distributor
  • A startup that provides education technology to prisons
  • The leader in large-scale coffee grinding equipment
  • A butcher, a baker and an exercise equipment maker

Each is unique. Each has different goals. Each pushes me to use all my knowledge and skills to make an impact to drive results. For as long as I'm in this industry, I will always be learning. I will never be bored. I love this job.

4. Gini Dietrich, CEO, Arment Dietrich, Inc.

When I graduated from college and went to work at FleishmanHillard as an account coordinator, my dad said to me, “I always expected you’d have some sort of writing job.” And it makes sense he would think that. I have an English degree with a creative writing minor. (I also have a math minor, but that doesn’t have anything to do with what I love about my job.)

As the years passed and I built my own business, I realized I really was missing my passion—writing every day. Spin Sucks launched in 2006, but I didn’t make time to write for it until 2009, and then the passion was reignited. So what I love about my job is that I am actually paid to write. Every, single day!

5. Justin Gray, Founder, LeadMD

I hated my first job in marketing. And my second and my third. I started to feel like perhaps I had made the wrong decision in school, in life. I joined my first startup in 2006 and quickly realized it wasn't marketing that was a bad fit, it was the watered down, mired in approvals, low output, high cost marketing conducted by traditional companies.

I've loved pretty much every day since for two reasons.

First, in my current position, I love that no two days ever feel the same and during the course of those (sometimes long) days I'm able to exercise every muscle I have. The rise of digital marketing opened the floodgates for marketing decentralization. I can wake up, write an article or a blog post, have a few strategy meetings or calls, review results from last week’s campaigns, hop into Marketo and build a program, update a sales cadence to highlight the blog I wrote earlier and make dozens of other transitions and pivots like this.

At the same time I also have a direct line to see the big picture through real time analytics. If we have a meeting about a point of friction we're finding in our sales process I can be experimenting with solutions 20 mins later. That type of iterative speed and accessibility is what I thrive in. If you told me, "listen we have to call a vendor and have them write 3 headlines and then graphics can have them mocked up in a few weeks, and then a dozen meetings...", [door slam] I'm out of there. That is so painful to me.

I need to be affecting change and seeing value in my work. As an agency there's also the multiplier of the customer base so take everything I said above and that's also happening on the average of 120+ projects that we have open at any one time.

The second reason is access. We are a boutique agency in Scottsdale, AZ that gets to peer behind a curtain into a world that very very few do. Last year we saw and helped design over 500 marketing & sales processes - from around the world. We benchmarked over 2000 companies. We talk to the brightest talent out there and we get early access to the latest tools and platforms. Everyday is like marketer Christmas.

6. Carla Johnson, Keynote Speaker, Type A Communications LLC

What I love most about my job is helping people connect the dots and become more creative with the work that they do. Marketers have lots of great ideas but struggle with how to move them forward. They see great work from a brand and immediately discount it, saying it would never work in their world because they don't have the budget, the resources, their organization is too bureaucratic, they sell boring stuff and on and on. These are really just excuses.

When people realize that fabulously creative work is simply about connecting the dots, they see opportunities to be creative all around them. Take the Super Bowl, for example. Marketers look at these iconic brands and dismiss the great ideas because they think they aren't relevant in their world. But when we connect the dots between Super Bowl ads and our own work, we bring in creativity. People talk about the commercials for weeks on end. What if, as marketers, we looked at how we could create this level of word of mouth marketing for what we do?

That simple thing of connecting the dots is an opportunity to be more creative. What if we created content or an experience that was so fun, interesting, delightful and valuable that people couldn't resist telling other people about it? When I see the lightbulb turn on for people, when they start seeing inspiration everywhere and get excited about it, that's when I really, really love my job.

7. Katie Martell, Marketing Consultant, Katie-Martell.com

I'm fortunate to be living the dream, and work for myself as an on-demand marketer (my boss is the BEST.) What this affords me is the freedom to work with organizations who are solving real problems, with smart founders and marketing leaders.

What I love most about this is the variety of perspectives and ideas I'm exposed to on a daily basis. I ask tough questions of my clients, and demand a high level of success, but together we make magic happen. There's nothing better than seeing good ideas and good people get due recognition in the world.

8. Neal Schaffer, Social Media Keynote Speaker, Maximize Your Social

I love being on the forefront of social media marketing and helping uncover and discover new insights for my clients. Social media continues to be a fast-paced ever-changing field which brings out the best of my half-art/half-science personality, so I couldn't be happier when I'm engaged in my social media marketing work!

9. David Spark, VP of Marketing (Content) & Founder, Spark Media Solutions 

I love the business-building classroom the Internet has become.

I'm a happy content marketer because of the willingness of others to freely share their knowledge. 

Our core business revolves around creating educational content for our clients' audiences. Through that we've also become highly conversant in industries such as information security, IT, cloud, and even auto racing. By interviewing tech experts and Indycar drivers, we're often seen as experts solely through association. 

I personally love taking advantage of YouTube to educate myself. I recently had a wake up call to the value of YouTube with the purchase of a new Sony A7S camera. To determine which camera I wanted to buy, I watched about 2-3 hours of videos. I eventually made my decision and purchased the camera. While waiting a week for the camera to arrive I watched another 3-4 hours of videos on how to use the camera. There were tons of exhaustive videos explaining every single feature of the camera. I was amazed that I could type in custom searches such as "Sony A7S face detection autofocus" and find multiple videos with thousands of views. I wasn't the only one desiring this very specific information. When the camera arrived, I knew how to use it right out of the box. What I found even more amazing was that none of the videos I watched were produced by Sony.

For our own brand, we return the favor by educating others through our blog, newsletter, podcast, and Content Marketing Tips video series, That education also helps build our perception as an industry expert, greatly driving up our value to the industry.

10. Alex Rynne, Content Marketing Manager, LinkedIn 

I love solving problems through fun, engaging content. Some of our best content alleviates our prospect and customers' pain points. But why stop at just being helpful? Why not take it a step further and make it an unexpectedly delightful experience. For example, I've been really into food analogies lately. (Who doesn't love a good content sandwich?)

Moving a piece of content into design is the part of the content marketing process I look forward to the most. With the limitless options for presenting data in a visually compelling way, marketers can't afford to be boring. 

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