What Are Markets and Marketing For? Bernadette Jiwa Reads a Classic Post From Seth Godin

Challenging and inspiring: an essential post for marketers who value their brands

December 22, 2017

Bernadette Jiwa is not your typical marketing influencer. Her book Meaningful, the Story of Ideas that Fly is one of the most emotive books on brand strategy and its role in people’s lives that you’re likely to read. For our Festive Marketing Playlist, she’s chosen a post by another influencer who inspires on a deeper level: the great Seth Godin. The result is three minutes of essential listening for any marketer who spends time thinking and caring about what marketing should be.

The post that Bernadette has chosen is called Unbridled. It’s a meditation on the dangers of putting too much faith in the market to set the correct value for everything – and the impact that this can ultimately have on the value of brands. A race to the bottom kicks in and, as Seth puts it in this post, “the problem with the race for the bottom is that you might win – worse, you may come in second.”

Both Seth Godin and Bernadette believe that there’s more to value than this – both for brands and for the people they engage with. If you agree, definitely make time to listen to this entry on the festive marketing playlist.

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