LinkedIn Presents the Future: Sales Edition

April 30, 2018

Future of Sales

Editor’s Note: The post introduces the latest LinkedIn Presents the Future video, which examines what's next for B2B sales. The previous videos in the series can viewed here and here.

Marketers know that B2B sales has changed. The buyer’s journey has been forever altered by the Internet, with 57% of that journey being completed before a prospect reaches out to the sales department. Alignment between sales and marketing is actually increasing, and maybe even more entrenched than you might think. And marketers are creating more content that is intended to directly help sales and drive revenue.

Those are changes to sales that have already happened. What’s next? In this video, the latest in our “LinkedIn Presents the Future” series, thought leaders in the marketing and sales world prognosticate about what’s next in the world of sales.

Here are some of their ideas about the future of sales, which appear in the new video, “LinkedIn Presents the Future of Sales”:

Artificial intelligence will help pave the way to be able to help give us insights so that we can better work with and or speak to and or personalize content directly to our particular buyer. — Mario Martinez Jr., CEO, Vengresso
What we’re doing is we do all of our research ahead of time and then we want someone who is going to help facilitate that decision and if it seems like someone is going to put pressure on us or not help us facilitate it, then we’re going to find another option.  — A.J. Wilcox, Founder, B2Linked
The future of sales is very bad if you were in an environment where the decision making can all be handled online with the audience doing the research themselves. — Andy Crestodina, CMO, Orbit Media 
I think that you will start to see to see more and more sales organizations understanding the importance and the value that their marketing colleagues bring to them. — Jeff Davis, Founder, The Sales & Marketing Alignment Summit
I think that it's (still) all about relationships.  People buy from who they like and the thing about platforms like LinkedIn, and we use LinkedIn to stay connected to clients and prospects all the time and we also work with our clients, is basically -- it gives you the opportunity to build that relationship. — Gina Michnowicz, CEO, The Craftsman Agency
We’re going through a transactional world to a relational world and sales people have to become guides for their prospects and customers, and so the skills of empathy, creativity, trust building really that’s where our sales is going.— David J.P. Fisher, President, RockStar Consulting

Also in this video, Gini Dietrich, CEO, Arment Dietrich, and Eric Martin, Director-Marketing Programs, SalesLoft, share their thoughts on the future of sales. View the full video below.

LinkedIn Presents the Future of Sales

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