Live With Marketers “How to Maximize Your Blog Content:" The Highlight Reel

March 21, 2018

How to Maximize Your Blog Content

Sometimes you can’t find the time to watch the big game. But you can always find time to st back, grab your remote, and watch SportsCenter to catch the highlights — the great plays, the amazing passes, the slam dunks.

It’s kind of the same with “Live With Marketers,” LinkedIn’s marketing talk show. You can’t always find the time to watch this entire hour-long program (even though it’s always worth it), but there was no place to catch the highlights.

Well, there is now.

Consider this blog post the SportsCenter of “Live With Marketers.” Below we have the best video clips from the most recent show, “How to Maximize Your Blog Content,” which featured Orbit Media’s Andy Crestodina and Marketing Insider Group’s Michael Brenner. You’ll see their great advice, their entertaining stories, and a tale that even includes an encounter with Luke Skywalker. (Well, Mark Hamill, anyway).

So, sit back, grab your remote (or your mouse), and watch the highlights of “Live With Marketers.” (And don’t miss the next edition of “Live With Marketers: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing,” which airs live on Thursday, March 22, at 2pm ET).  

Blogging Basics

Why Are We Still Talking About Blogs?

In a world with AI, AR, VR, and an alphabet soup of technological tools, the blog remains critical. See why LinkedIn’s Jason Miller, paraphrasing The Dude, says, “The blog is the rug that ties the social media room together.”

How Do You Determine the Right Post Frequency for Your Audience?

Blog frequency is a crucial question for marketers. In this snippet, Crestodina says that longer sales cycles in your industry might mean less frequent blog posts.

What Should the Main Measure of Success Be for a Blog?

Watch this highlight to see why Crestodina and Brenner agree that email subscribers are the key metric for bloggers.  

Is There a Concern that Consumer Attention Spans are Shrinking?

Brenner points out that we as a society are consuming more media than ever. I add that long blog posts tend to perform very well, which seems to indicate that people will spend time with content that is either useful or interesting to them — preferably both.

Creating Great Content

What are the First Things a New Blogger Should Focus On?

Brenner says that new bloggers should focus on discovering their prospects’ key questions and answering them. Crestodina advises marketers to develop an editorial mission statement.

How Long Does It Take to Write the Average Blog Post?

Referencing data from Orbit Media’s annual blogger survey, Crestodina shows that bloggers are spending significantly more time researching and writing blog posts — another indication that content quality has become more important.

How Do You Create Content that Serves the Customer?

Brenner explains how every piece of content should answer the question, WIIFTC? (What’s in it for the customer)?

How Do You Get Employees from Around the Company to Help with Content?

Employees as a group have 10x the social reach of the company they work for. How can marketers harness this reach? Brenner’s advice, learned from hard-earned experience? Start with employees who raise their hand and truly want to participate in content marketing, blogging, and social media.

Scaling Your Content

How Can Employee Advocacy Contribute to Increased Engagement with Company Content?

There are tools on the market that can streamline employee participation in sharing company content. Find out why Brenner calls LinkedIn Elevate “the best tool that on one knows about.”

How Do I Grow My Subscriber Base Through Content?

In this snippet, I talk about how we strive to create “quality content, often.” I also share Crestodina’s insight that the best performing blog posts are often either strong opinions or data-driven posts. 

How Do I Grow My Subscriber Base Through Demand-Generation Principles?

Too many marketers don’t practice marketing themselves. If you have a blog, you should be constantly asking for the order, i.e., asking visitors to subscribe to the blog. News flash: Pop-up ads work.

What’s the Most Effective Way to Work with Contributors?

Crestodina shares his journalistic approach of creating “round-up” posts that impart useful information, but also serve as ego bait.

The Fun Stuff

Andy Crestodina, What’s Not on Your LinkedIn Profile?

Panelist Andy Crestodina says that the fact he’s worn red socks every day for the past two decades is a piece of personal branding that’s not on his LinkedIn profile.

Michael Brenner, What’s Not on Your LinkedIn Profile?

In this snippet, Panelist Michael Brenner shares his backstage meeting with Mark “Luke Skywalker” Hamill, which is not on his LinkedIn profile.

What’s the Secret Ingredient to Viral Video Content?

Once and for all, I explain the secret to viral videos. Hint: It’s dogs. And quite possibly cats, too. 

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