Rise of the Review Economy: How Infer and Kimble Leverage the G2 Crowd Platform

April 23, 2018

Rise of the Review Economy: How Infer and Kimble Leverage the G2 Crowd Platform

There’s no question that sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor have become crucial platforms for consumer marketers. What has been less understood is that having a strategy around customer reviews is also increasingly essential for B2B marketers.

The experiences of Infer and Kimble in using G2 Crowd, a platform of verified user reviews, go a long way to demonstrating for B2B marketers the value of monitoring product reviews and listening to and acting on the voice of the customer.


Infer is a company that offers an innovative artificial intelligence and predictive analytics platform. While Infer could hear the “voice of the customer,” especially when it came to receiving positive comments directly, it did face two challenges before it began considering using the G2 Crowd platform.

  • First, Infer was collecting and aggregating customer comments manually; the process was tedious for its team, and the resulting content was not sharable.
  • Second, because the reviews it collected tended to be very positive, Infer wanted to make sure that there was a balanced approach to gathering feedback.

Infer has a large B2B predictive sales and marketing customer base and considers its customer community a key differentiator. In collecting customer feedback, both positive comments and constructive criticism, Infer emphasizes credibility. Recognizing that its targeted customer base was already active on the G2 Crowd platform, the company made the decision to partner with G2 Crowd.

The results for Infer included the development of a growing community of authenticated reviews. By expanding its outreach through G2 Crowd’s platform of authenticated user reviews, Infer tapped a growing source of credible feedback and engaged in more conversations with current and potential customers.

The Infer product team works closely with customer success (CS) and account management to build its growing G2 Crowd community. When a customer reaches a certain point in its lifecycle, Infer’s CS engages them for product feedback.

Customer feedback has helped validate Infer’s overall product strategy, including the importance of making AI more understandable to the end user. When Infer helped pioneer predictive B2B sales and marketing, it encountered little friction over adoption of “black box” models. However, the company anticipated the time would come when the end user would challenge this approach. This is why it has expanded its product portfolio to include innovation dedicated to sales intelligence. As Infer shares all reviews with its product team, the customer community remains a major driving force for its product development roadmap. This feedback helps foster greater innovation through learning, creating, and iterating.

“G2 Crowd quickly has become one of the key water coolers, or perhaps cafes, for Infer’s thriving customer community to gather and share their stories leveraging AI and predictive analytics in their business. The clean and user-friendly layout of the review site makes it easy for individuals to leave valuable feedback and share instantly across their social networks.” — Sean Zinsmeister, VP of Product Marketing, Infer, Inc.


When it began to consider partnering with G2Crowd, Kimble Professional Services Automation, faced off with well-funded competitors with bigger marketing budgets to promote their PSA offerings that are actually part of product suites. Kimble, however, specializes in PSA and partners with providers of complementary offerings, giving customers “best-of- breed” solutions.

With its strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Kimble has devoted far more resources to product development than to marketing and sales. Kimble’s goal is to have a product that speaks for itself.

But how could Kimble ensure that is solutions don’t lose visibility amid a sea of competitors buying online advertising? Kimble’s answer was to use G2 Crowd platform.

With G2 Crowd, Kimble has boosted its brand awareness and flow of qualified leads. G2 Crowd’s verified user reviews assure Kimble that “real” customers are commenting on its PSA solutions, as well as competitors’ products.

Through G2 Crowd, prospective customers gain a balanced and independent view of multiple PSA solutions in one place. Kimble also leverages its high user-satisfaction ratings in the highly competitive PSA category to reach prospective buyers. Thanks to G2 Crowd reviews, customers are also able to see how Kimble’s PSA solutions work with complementary “best-in-class” products from other vendors. This allows Kimble to gain an edge against larger firms with suite solutions that include a PSA component.

By using G2 Crowd as a key part of its marketing efforts, Kimble has leveled the playing field for its specialized PSA solution. Kimble’s customer success teams point clients and prospective customers to the G2 Crowd site for impartial and independent reviews. Reviews also establish an important feedback loop, creating a better experience for users.

In addition, Kimble sees a trend toward moving away from product suites to individual products. Capitalizing on this idea, Kimble ensures that its products can be integrated with other software to customize user experience.

“G2 Crowd gives people choice from multiple providers—it doesn’t matter how many marketing dollars a firm has to spend. It’s not about telling people what to buy: it’s about educating buyers.” — Mark Robinson, Chief Marketing Officer, Kimble Professional Services Automation

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