15 Marketing Influencers and Experts to Follow on LinkedIn

June 30, 2019

Marketing Experts on LinkedIn

Why do so many of us visit LinkedIn every day? To learn. We want to learn about companies, verticals, and industrial trends. We want to learn how we can expand our professional networks and connect with valuable new contacts. We want to learn new skills, practices, and habits that will make us better at our jobs.

And while LinkedIn members can access numerous resources to fulfill this desire — LinkedIn Pages, LinkedIn Learning, this blog, and more — nothing can match the genuine impact of fellow members and thought leaders who load up our feeds with insightful, relatable, and applicable content. You can customize this stream of information by following specific individuals with pertinence to your career path. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, we’ve compiled a list of 15 awesome B2B marketing influencers and experts that anyone in the field can benefit from following on LinkedIn as we head into the second half of 2019. These folks range from established authorities and industry icons to up-and-comers who’ve caught our attention by creating and sharing eye-opening content on the platform. 

Learn From These 15 B2B Marketing Influencers on LinkedIn 

1. Robert Rose — Chief Troublemaker, The Content Advisory

Bio: Robert Rose is a content marketing rabble rouser, currently holding the title of Chief Troublemaker at the Content Advisory. In addition, he's a renowned author and in-demand keynote speaker. Robert is also the Chief Strategy Officer for Content Marketing Institute and a yearly fixture at CMWorld.

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2. Carla Johnson — Global Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Storyteller

Bio: Carla Johnson is a world-renowned keynote speaker and author who specializes in all things B2B content marketing. She seeks to help others inspire action through storytelling. In addition to speaking, writing, and consulting, Carla is also the Programme Director of Digital Marketing for HARBOUR.SPACE.

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3. Ann Handley — Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

Bio: Head of Content at MarketingProfs, Ann Handley is a content marketing pioneer inspiring marketers around the globe to create marketing magic that gets real-world results. In her own words, she is “waging a war on content mediocrity.” Ann is also a speaker and a WSJ bestselling author.

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4. Brian Solis — Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group

Bio: Brian Solis is a futurist, analyst, anthropologist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author. He’s known for humanizing technology and its impact on business and society. He studies disruptive technology and explores digital transformation, customer experience, and the future of industries, trends, and behavior.

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5. Michael Brenner — CEO, Author, and Keynote Speaker, Marketing Insider Group

Bio: As CEO of Marketing Insider Group, Michael Brenner helps brands create content that converts and deliver presentations that connect at events all over the world. He is a renowned keynote speaker, championing a customer-centric approach to leadership, culture, and marketing.

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6. Jay Baer — Founder, Convince & Convert

Bio: Known as “the world’s most inspirational marketing and customer service speaker,” author, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker Jay Baer shares his expertise on topics like content marketing, social media, customer experience, and word-of-mouth. He is the founder of Convince & Convert.

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7. Ryan Robinson — Content Marketing Consultant, RyRob.com

Bio: At RyRob.com, Ryan Robinson teaches more than 250,000 monthly readers how to start and grow a profitable side hustle using content marketing. He’s written for countless publications—including Forbes, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur—and currently hosts the podcast The Side Hustle Project.

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8. Shane Barker — Co-Founder and CEO, Content Solutions

Bio: Shane Barker is an accomplished digital marketing consultant and the CEO and co-founder of Content Solutions, a content marketing agency creating content that inspires and converts. He has written for more than 100 publications, including Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, and the Huffington Post.

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9. Clara Shih — CEO and Founder, Hearsay

Bio: Author of Social Business Imperative and The Facebook Era, Clara Shih loves “all things data and digital. And coffee.” She is the founder and CEO of Hearsay Systems, a leading enterprise financial services cloud company. She also serves on the Starbucks Board of Directors.

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10. Mark Fidelman — Chief Marketing Officer, Fanatics Media

Bio: Mark Fidelman is a marketing and sales executive helping Fortune 1000 companies achieve their revenue goals by combining audience intelligence, creative editorial content, and targeted paid media. He is the host of Oracle’s CX Factor business show and author of the bestselling book Socialized!

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11. Doug Kessler — Creative Director & Co-Founder, Velocity Partners

Bio: There isn’t much Doug Kessler, Creative Director and co-founder of Velocity Partners, can’t do. After starting his career writing for B2C brands, he jumped ship to specialize in B2B marketing and hasn’t looked back. He considers himself a “content marketing junkie,” with a soft spot for analytics.

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12. Tim Washer — Keynote Speaker, Event Emcee, PowerPoint Comedian, Ridiculous Media

Bio: Tim Washer uses humor to help corporations capture attention, show empathy, and build rapport in the B2B marketing space. He studied improv under Amy Poehler and has worked for SNL, Conan, and The Late Show. Through laughter, he humanizes even the most boring brands.

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13. David Meerman Scott — Leading Marketing and Sales Speaker, Freshspot Marketing

Bio: Author of the modern business classic, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, David Meerman Scott is a leading marketing and sales speaker for companies and conferences worldwide. His strategies have reinvented the way businesses engage with the marketplace.

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14. Nancy Badillo — CEO, NancyBadillo.com

Bio: Nancy Badillo is a social media specialist and digital consultant with nearly a decade’s worth of experience delivering results in both agency and in-house settings. If you’re struggling with sales, having a hard time reaching your target audience, or lacking a solid strategy, Nancy Badillo is your gal.

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15. Vin Clancy — Founder, Vin Clancy

Bio: Generally known as a growth hacker, Vin Clancy is a mentor, coach, founder, and entrepreneur responsible for driving millions of users, visitors, and dollars in revenue. Vin is an award-winning public speaker specializing in growth hacking, internet marketing, and personal branding.

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