A Sophisticated Marketer’s Perspective: Jay Baer’s Tips for Content Traction on LinkedIn

May 19, 2019

Jay Baer on LinkedIn

The first rule in the 10 Content Marketing Commandments: Thou shalt not engage in random acts of content. What’s a random act of content? It’s any piece of content published on your website, LinkedIn Page, or elsewhere that’s not backed by a strategy or plan. And in Jay Baer’s view, it’s the ultimate sin.

As the founder of Convince & Convert, Jay knows a thing or two about persuasive content marketing on social media. He understands how to build sustainable online communities, develop a cohesive content strategy, and break through the noise of crowded feeds.

In celebration of the five-year anniversary of The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn, we asked Jay to share his best advice for building brands, engaging audience members, and improving conversions. True to form, he got straight to the point with a series of concise, actionable responses. This is a man who doesn’t waste time or words; I mean, even his full name is only seven letters long…

Jay’s travel-sized tips remind us that when it comes to the customer experience, sometimes less is more. Read on to learn how to stop random acts of content, stand out from the competition, and generate word-of-mouth awareness that maximizes your marketing impact on LinkedIn.

Stop Random Acts of Content, and Other Sophisticated Tips from Jay Baer

What’s something interesting about you that’s not on your LinkedIn profile?

I co-founded the student radio station at the University of Arizona, my alma mater.

Since it’s not quite as straightforward as wearing a snazzy colorful suit, how can brands stand out from the pack on LinkedIn feeds?

Stop random acts of content. Create content "shows" with consistent topic and cadence.

How can a quality LinkedIn Page contribute to the overall customer experience?

Done right, LinkedIn is the ultimate summary. And we are living in an era where summary matters more than ever, because people rarely take the time to dig deeper unless they are deep in the consideration process.

Which content marketing trends are most pertinent to a company’s LinkedIn strategy?

Creating one or more consistently produced shows, and publishing that content at the same time for the same audience.

What are your favorite types of posts to come across on your LinkedIn feed?

Captioned videos, for sure.

What are the downsides to a minimal or nonexistent brand presence on LinkedIn?

First and foremost, it negatively impacts employee recruitment. If I can't find my potential employer on LinkedIn, what does that say about the employer?

How can marketers best generate word-of-mouth and build communities through LinkedIn?

LinkedIn articles are one of the best ways to create dialogue and community. Essentially, it's your blog, but on LinkedIn's platform.

Find Quick, Actionable Tips in Your Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

Jay’s point about summaries and brevity rings very true. Attention spans are shortening, and competition is growing, so it can be very important to get information across quickly and credibly. As such, he’s practicing what he preaches by packaging all of his awesome insights into these concise answers.

In the same spirit, we focused on loading up our revamped Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide with plenty of succinct pointers — from our own team, as well as an array of influencers including Jay — that you can apply quickly to put your LinkedIn strategy on the right track.

There’s no time to waste. Download your copy of the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide today.