LinkedIn: No Longer Just a B2B Platform

August 11, 2019

LinkedIn: More Than B2B

Editor’s Note: This guest post was contributed by Nate Nicely, Global Communications and Brand Strategy Manager, iProspect. A version of this post originally ran on the iProspect blog.

LinkedIn has quickly evolved from a social networking site for business professionals to becoming a key brand and performance platform for iProspect — both for the iProspect agency brand and for iProspect clients globally. As iProspect celebrates the milestone of 100,000 followers to its LinkedIn Page, it is clear that LinkedIn has moved past being a simple B2B platform; it is now a key channel in helping to drive iProspect’s global employee value proposition (EVP), allowing insight into activity across our 94 offices in 56 countries.

iProspect has seen success on LinkedIn as not just a channel for content distribution to industry leaders, but one that allows new talent pools the ability to viewing life at iProspect. Our career pages on LinkedIn have received 5,000 average views per month globally. The rich range of offerings on the LinkedIn platform allows for a variety of media types, CTA’s and content amplification and organic industry distribution.

While a strong tool for iProspect’s agency brand marketing, LinkedIn is also a key player in our media mix, ensuring we are able to deliver success for clients, expanding from beyond B2B to the consumer space. 

Across the globe, iProspect is utilising LinkedIn daily to ensure the maximum performance for our clients. Two iProspectors share their thoughts on the power LinkedIn provides in helping them do their jobs:

“Currently, iProspect is leveraging the full suite of media opportunities on LinkedIn and finding tremendous success, especially in the performance space. LinkedIn’s ability to identify business decision makers in the B2B space is unmatched, which allows us to target strong performance metrics across a variety of KPIs, including lead gen, acquisition and traffic. Many of our clients have been finding success within LinkedIn for some time now, but we’ve recently started seeing success expand beyond B2B into the consumer space, especially for our travel and hospitality clients as they focus on their rewards program acquisition. 

“We’ve seen LinkedIn’s value expand beyond just their targeting capabilities within the B2B space, and really develop a strong product offering for marketers from a creative standpoint. Products like natively hosted video and remarketing capabilities put LinkedIn’s offering on par with their other social counterparts. Their measurement capabilities have also greatly expanded to help determine the value of our media that is placed on the platform. Lastly, we’ve seen inventory scale tremendously over the last year as consumers are spending more time on the platform since the social networking capabilities have expanded. Consumers are no longer just using the platform for job hunting, but truly networking with those around them, which unlocks more possibilities for our clients.”

Jordan Jacobson, VP, Head of Social Media, iProspect US

“LinkedIn’s ability to target at a granular level is a great way to drive performance whether that be driving event leads for a B2B client or elongating dwell time with great content for B2C clients. We currently use LinkedIn for B2C clients for a lean in manner - whether that’s product updates or a CSR initiative that they want to increase awareness of.

“LinkedIn were traditionally seen as the holy grail for B2B marketeers — the best platform for reaching key decision makers and whilst that is still true they have started to tap into recent consumer behaviour and stepped up their game. First came video ads and of recent times carousel ads; yes they were behind other platforms but whenever LinkedIn roll out new ad functionality there are less ‘teething issues’ than other platforms. 

“LinkedIn is no longer just a B2B platform — if you have something to say in an authentic way LinkedIn should be part of your media mix.”

Catherine Chappell, Client Partner, Performance Solutions, iProspect UK

Seeing LinkedIn constantly making efforts in evolving its product offering, and with new engagement tools such as the LinkedIn Live beta that iProspect has been testing, only further proves that LinkedIn is ramping up in advertising solutions as a faster rate than some of its competitors. We look forward to seeing continued evolution, as LinkedIn further blurs the lines between the traditional B2B and B2C audience.

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