Live With Marketers: The Staying Power of Breakthrough Ideas

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March 27, 2019

Live With Marketers

In the digital era of social media and content marketing, there are those who say the need for advertising agencies is waning.

This point of view is wrong. On the next “Live With Marketers," LinkedIn’s talk show for the marketing industry, we’ll provide a contrarian perspective, making the case that the utility of the creative agency never dies. “Live With Marketers” takes place today, Wednesday, March 27, at 5pm ET, and you can register here to watch the event from your office, at home or on public transportation.

On “Live With Marketers,” our panel will argue that brands need creative agencies now more than ever. Why? Because agencies are often the stewards of breakthrough ideas and campaigns — those that have the ability to create sustainable economic value for their clients. And with advertising on every screen we turn to, the need for breakthrough creative is crucial.

But inspiring your team to create the next “billion-dollar” branding idea is no small feat, especially in this competitive, ever-evolving landscape. Doing so can require a change in behavior: a change in staffing, and, ultimately, a change in the way we advise clients to prove the value of good marketing. 

Join me, Jann Schwarz, today in a spirited conversation with DDB Worldwide Chief Executive Officer, Wendy Clark, and former GroupM Chief Digital Officer, Rob Norman. On the show, we’ll have a thought-provoking discussion about:

  • Building a long-term agency strategy
  • Fostering a culture that encourages brilliant ideas
  • Scaling the production of breakthrough ideas
  • Hiring and retaining diverse teams to reflect the world we live in

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