Sunday Matinee: Making Growth Happen, Part 3

WP BrandStudio's Annie Granatstein on Why Storytelling in Marketing Is a Necessity

December 8, 2019

Annie Granatstein Making Growth Happen

Annie Granatstein has spent a career in storytelling. Early on, she was Jerry Bruckheimer's executive assistant, and in that role she wrote story summaries of movie scripts. After attending law school at UCLA, she was an entertainment industry attorney. Subsequently, she worked as a freelance writer and content producer, and now she is the Head of WP BrandStudio, the Washington Post's content marketing arm.

In the latest "Making Growth Happen" video — Part 3 if you're scoring at home — Granatstein offers her take on why storytelling is a necessity in today's marketing world. Watch the short video below: It will take you just 49 seconds to get some of Granatstein's wisdom on the growing power of content marketing.  

Making Growth Happen, Part 3

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