Sunday Matinee: Making Growth Happen, Part 4

Orbit Media's Andy Crestodina on the Power of Content Marketing

December 15, 2019

Andy Crestodina on Content Marketing

Why does content marketing continue to grow?

That’s a question we posed to Andy Crestodina, CMO, Orbit Media Studios. Andy, who wrote Content Chemistry, is a sought-after keynote speaker in marketing circles, because of his gift for making complex issues simple and for defining clear courses of action.

Andy’s answer to our question about the continuing popularity of content marketing did not disappoint. Positing that content marketing is, at its heart, about answering prospect questions, he explained that as the number of questions being asked on search engines continues to grow, so should our attempts as marketers to answer those questions. And content is the best way to accomplish that.

So it’s that simple: That’s why content marketing continues to grow in use and in power.

Listen to Andy’s full 54-second answer in this video.

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