Sunday Matinee: Making Growth Happen, Part 10

February 9, 2020

Jay Acunzo content marketing

The Academy Awards broadcast is tonight, so it’s fitting that we’re featuring a content marketer who borrows a lot from Hollywood.

Jay Acunzo adheres to Hollywood’s commitment to blockbuster content franchises in the manner of, for example, Disney, which has built money-making machines around such series as Toy Story, Star Wars, and Marvel Comics.  

Acunzo is one of several voices — LinkedIn’s Jann Schwarz is another — encouraging marketers to build content brands with staying power. As the founder of Marketing Showrunners, Acunzo helps content marketers build long-running podcasts and video series.

Some of the most effective B2B content marketing is built around Star Wars-like franchises, such as Mary Meeker’s “Internet Trends Report,” which is a content blockbuster, formerly for Kleiner Perkins and now for Meeker's new company, Bond Capital. At LinkedIn, we’ve developed our own franchises in the award-winning Sophisticated Marketer series and the State of Sales report.

Acunzo himself practices what he preaches with his own Unthinkable Podcast, as I know from first-hand experience. For Marketing Showrunners, he also produces a podcast about podcasts called 3 Clips. (So very meta). 

In this short video, "Making Growth Happen, Part 10," Acunzo gives the elevator pitch for his content marketing philosophy. “We’re entering this next wave of content marketing,” he says. “Where we used to be all about grabbing attention, now great marketing is all about holding it.”

The most effective content marketing is about building audiences for the long-term. “We’ve moved past content as glorified advertising," he says, "and now we’re really truly starting to operate like media companies who care about loyal, engaged, owned audiences.”

Got 47 seconds? Watch the complete video.