Sunday Matinee: Making Growth Happen, Part 6

January 12, 2020

Creating a Strong LinkedIn Profile

We asked Bernie Borges, CMO of Vengreso, this question: "What should B2B marketers start doing tomorrow if they're not already doing it today?"

Bernie, whose company teaches salespeople digital selling methods and who is a marketer himself, answered the question from the point-of-view of both a salesperson and a marketer. A big believer in the power of LinkedIn to influence purchase decisions, Bernie urged salespeople and marketers to make sure that their LinkedIn profiles are created with the ultimate audience — the buyer — in mind. 

"The first thing we say is look at your LinkedIn profile," Bernie says. "How does it read? Does it read through the lens of the person that you want to reach — namely, your buyer?

Bernie advises that marketers and salespeople should take a fresh look at their LinkedIn profiles and re-examine every aspect — from the banner and the headline to the about and experience sections — through the eyes of the potential customer.   

If your LinkedIn profile isn't professional and doesn't address the buyer in the right way, Bernie likens the experience to "showing up at a formal event in a bathing suit. You’re going to stand out, but you’re not going to make a good impression."

Watch the video to see Bernie's full answer.

Making Growth Happen, Part 6: Starring Bernie Borges