Sunday Matinee: Making Growth Happen, Part 9

February 2, 2020

Tim Washer on Humor in Content Marketing

Tim Washer is a funny man.

So what do you mean, funny?

Well, he’s made appearances on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Saturday Night Live, and in a Super Bowl Ad for Dunkin’ Donuts.  

Does that mean he’s funny like a clown?

He’s pretty funny. In B2B circles, the Valentine’s Day video he helped create for the Cisco ASR 9000 Router is considered the gold standard of comic content marketing.

So he amuses us?

Yes, he does. He’s the CCO, Chief Comedy Officer, of Ridiculous Media and keynote speaker on creativity. When it comes to content marketing, Tim Washer is dead serious about being funny.

In this video, “Making Growth Happen, Part 9,” Washer has some actionable ideas about how to make your content marketing funny — but also seriously effective. He says humor starts with pain, so he advises content marketers to go on calls with their counterparts in sales to understand customer pain points.

“Once you understand the gripes, you can start turning that into humor,” Washer says.

He makes the case that humor can be the gateway to empathy — and ultimately to trust. “You can control a story and use it to talk about pain to try to make someone laugh and to create empathy. And once you’ve created empathy, and you show people you understand their struggle, you can also show that in a funny way you have earned trust,” Washer says.

Watch the video.