Last Chance to Catch the Sophisticated Marketer’s Webinar Series

February 20, 2016

The final webinar in the Sophisticated Marketer’s Webinar Series takes place on Tuesday, February 23, at 11 a.m. Pacific. Join more than 5,500 marketers who have already signed up for these webinars, and your reserve your spot today for the “Crash Course in Lead Nurturing.”

This final webinar in the three-part Sophisticated Marketer Series features Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD. I will be moderating this 30-minute webinar. Together, Justin and I will examine:

  • Why lead nurturing (and content marketing) are today’s version of the 3-martini lunch.
  • Why relationship building and lead nurturing are increasingly marketing’s responsibility.
  • How the most effective marketers are using lead nurturing beyond email.

The previous two webinars in the series – the “Crash Course in Full Funnel Marketing,” featuring Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing, and the “Crash Course in Marketing Metrics,” featuring Amanda Halle and Megan Golden of LinkedIn – are both archived and available for viewing.

Take a look at the “Crash Course in Full Marketing” for a deeper understanding of:

  • What full funnel marketing is and how your company can benefit.
  • Reaching, nurturing and acquiring new customers.
  • The most effective approaches to optimizing your marketing in the upper and lower funnel.

The “Crash Course in Marketing Metrics” is designed for marketers who want to grasp

  • What metrics are best for your company’s goals.
  • How to use attribution to understand marketing performance.
  • The best approaches to measuring the ROI of your marketing programs.

Register today for the “Crash Course in Lead Nurturing” and to view the other two webinars in the Sophisticated Marketer’s Webinar Series.