Live Webinar: How Wealth Managers Can Thrive Amidst Digital Disruption

January 27, 2016

Wealth management firms are being impacted by investors’ rising demand for digital engagement and openness to robo advisors. Rather than view these industry disruptors as threats, savvy wealth managers recognize the opportunity to position themselves strategically with high net-worth individuals (HNWIs). In fact, as the wealth management value chain is increasingly commoditized, forward-thinking advisors stand to gain with both millennials and ultra HNWIs. While weak advisors will quickly fall by the wayside, advisors who adapt to embrace these shifts will rise to the top.

Understanding today’s realities is key to fully grasping this opportunity. Analysis by Capgemini Financial Services shows that globally, only 20% of wealth managers think HNWIs will use automated advisory services when in fact, 50% plan to do so. Rather than fight this trend, some established firms have wisely integrated this capability into their own operating models. By automating investment management, for example, they more cost-effectively serve clients while freeing their wealth managers to focus on strategic advising around financial planning, trusts, retirement, and more.

To explore these industry changes in more depth, LinkedIn and Capgemini have partnered to bring you a select panel of thought leaders well versed in these issues:

Join us February 3 at 11am EST for an illuminating, thought-provoking discussion moderated by Jill Schlesinger, CFP Business Analyst at CBS News, as these experts share their perspectives on:

  • Surviving and thriving amidst digital disruption
  • Adapting to automated advisory services
  • Differentiating wealth management practices

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