Live Webinar: Using LinkedIn for Brand Marketing

January 20, 2016

In B2B marketing, branding often takes a backseat to lead generation. But the fact is, if prospects aren’t aware of your brand, then they won’t make it into your upper funnel. And if they don’t make it into your upper funnel, it’s unlikely they’ll ever be legitimate leads in your lower funnel.

As a marketer, it’s time rethink branding and the role social media can play in it. And it’s time for marketers to reimagine how to sustain positive brand awareness among their target audience throughout the long buyer’s journey and beyond. LinkedIn can help.

Join us for “Using LinkedIn for Branding Marketing,” a webinar that will take place Wednesday, January 27, at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET. LinkedIn's own Andrew Kaplan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, will lead the webinar, during which he will demonstrate how to get—and keep—your brand in front of the professionals that matter most to your business. He will cover how to:

  • Get in front of the right people early and often
  • Reach and influence business professionals in the right context
  • Educate your audience with the relevant content they crave
  • Use awareness and engagement to drive bottom-funnel conversions
  • Measure the impact of your branding efforts every step of the way

This webcast will empower you to rethink and reinvigorate your approach to brand marketing on LinkedIn. Register today!