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The Secret Sauce to Marketing on LinkedIn

January 25, 2017

Secret Sauce to Marketing on LinkedIn

Are you marketing on LinkedIn? Are you looking to see a higher ROI from your campaigns? Do you want to take part in an interactive webcast where you can get your questions answered by the marketers who run campaigns on the LinkedIn platform every day?

Then this webcast, Secret Sauce to Marketing on LinkedIn, is for you.

Join us for an exclusive live conversation with LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Manager, Alex Rynne; Senior Demand Generation Manager, Cassandra Clark; and Campaign Manager, Gaurav Nihalani on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 11am PT as we take a deep dive into:

  • Why our motto [until the end of time] is ‘Always Be Testing’
  • How we use a multi-channel approach
  • Campaign best practices, including optimizing your content, campaign naming, targeting, and bidding & budget management

Plus, every tip we share with you will include a real example from our team and live poll questions. In preparation, how well do you think you’ll be able to predict the outcome of these A/B tests?

What do you think — which one won?

Which background color do you think performed best?

Would you find a statistic or a quote more compelling?

Does of 'guide' resonate more than 'eBook'?

For answers to these questions and much more, register for our Secret Sauce to Marketing on LinkedIn webcast and start adapting the formula you need for tasty results on the LinkedIn platform.