Developing a Nose for Newsworthy B2B Marketing Content Opportunities

May 25, 2015

elephant noses

When it comes to noses, the elephant is the undisputed champion of the animal kingdom. They have a better sense of smell than any other animal, and can even detect water that’s as far as 12 miles away. If the closest water is underground, they can even use their trunks to dig for it.

Developing an elephant’s nose for newsworthy content can help you become the undisputed champion of the B2B marketing kingdom. Stick your “trunk” out. Dig around a little. Find the story first.

Something can be newsworthy because your audience needs it, or because your audience wants it. The delivery method can make a huge difference, too. Are you utilizing video? Events? Audio?

Any of these types of content can be used as a nurture tactic to build brand awareness, reach and educate new audience members, or as a top-of-funnel traffic driver to your other content assets. By publishing something your audience can’t wait to get their hands on, you can grab their attention early and gain buy-in before they enter more competitive stages of the funnel.

Train your expert marketing nose to sniff out the following seven characteristics of newsworthy B2B content, and make headlines with what you publish next.

7 Characteristics Of Newsworthy B2B Content

1. Novelty

Something that your audience hears or reads every day isn’t exactly news. Create content that features something your audience hasn’t encountered before. You might consider highlighting a brand new best practice or using a unique visual representation for a tried-and-true tactic.

2. Proximity

Your content should hit as “close to home” for your audience as possible. Something that happens on another continent isn’t going to be as newsworthy as something that happens in your audience’s back yard. The same is true for content marketing.

3. Conflict

One of the first things you learn in a creative writing class is the importance of having conflict in your storytelling. Why? Because, conflict is compelling. It makes your audience want resolution, to know what happens next, to know how it all ends. Conflict can be the difference between a high bounce rate and consistent follow-through on calls to action.

4. Prominence

If your neighbor is celebrating an upcoming wedding, it’s not likely to be news to people in another city. But, if a celebrity has pending nuptials, it’s on the cover of magazines everywhere. Using examples that are prominent makes content more newsworthy. Prominence is relative, so don’t limit yourself to world celebrities. Including marketing-specific heavy hitters in your plan is a great way to grab your audience’s attention.

5. Timeliness

You wouldn’t publish a post about “how to buy a Christmas tree” in July. To get your timing right, be sure to have a structure in place for getting approvals when quick content turnarounds are needed. The importance of timeliness is also one of the big reasons it’s important to look ahead as you put together a production calendar.

6. Human Interest

Appeal to the humanity of your audience. Human interest is the dimension of a story that people find compelling because of the real-person feelings and experiences it addresses or describes. Consider making room in your content plan for employee recognition or pieces that highlight any charitable work your organization is involved in.

7. Impact

Will your content change anything? Will it affect best practices? Will it affect what other marketers write about next? The more impactful your content is, the more important your audience will think it is - and the more likely they are to engage with it.

If something smells newsworthy, don’t wait for someone else to scoop it first. Follow the scent trail until you can create content that pushes your engagement levels higher with the seven content qualities above, then promote it to an audience that can’t wait to “hear the news.”

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