Does Your LinkedIn Company Resume Impress?

May 27, 2014

Some of the most creative job seekers find unique ways to use LinkedIn as a career prospecting tool. Why can't businesses do the same thing? Company pages and updates shouldn't feel robotic or stale -- they should attract with the same level of creativity as an excited job seeker looking to land his/her big break.

Use these profile enhancement tips from successful LinkedIn job seekers to impress the connection on the other end.

What About Us?
That About Us section on the top of the page? It should be compelling and rich with relevant keywords, so prospects can find it through searches. Some of the most creative and powerful individual profile summaries captivate users without wasting their time. If a prospect expands the preview to read the page summary, they have demonstrated some interest in your company – so don’t disappoint them with outdated or missing information.

Given LinkedIn’s power as a marketing platform, your About Us section should be geared towards that goal. Don’t just copy and paste your company description from the website; make it compelling to read.  And now with the new personalized page feed, you can customize your description in over 20 different languages to better connect with audiences around the globe.

Share a narrative
What drives your business? We talk frequently about narrative, and a company's mission can be just as compelling as a personal one. This is especially true if you're looking for recruits to join your team. Having a Careers tab is merely the first step -- you must then post updates to your page about what it’s like to work for your business. Impress by publishing rich content like video and compelling SlideShare decks. Invite current employees to leave feedback and publish posts of their own that you can promote on your page. Recruits always want to see the faces behind the brand, so don’t hide them from your profile.

Storytelling is a vital element for job seekers on LinkedIn, helping to elevate appealing candidates from the masses. Your company has a worthwhile story to tell, too – so use that Company Page real estate as your storybook.

Let’s get visual
The best jobseeker profiles use more than long, stale walls of text to stand out. Text-heavy profiles don't attract anybody – and they may doom your chances at later conversions. The first impression is overwhelmingly driven by large, compelling visual elements. Here are two LinkedIn-specific features that can motivate users to dive further into your Company Page:

  • Be a hero – Design a hero image that provides an overview of your company’s mission and services. Whether dynamic or static, the hero image will attract prospect eyes before anything else on that page.
  • Create a Showcase Page – Do you have a signature product or service that speaks to a unique audience? Give it some extra attention with a Showcase Page.

Creating Showcase Pages only requires a few additional steps:

  • Identify your brands, business units or initiatives that need a Showcase Page
  • Click the Edit button on your Company Page, and then select Create a Showcase Page
  • Start sharing relevant content

Check out Microsoft’s Office and Adobe’s Creative Cloud Showcase Pages for layout and content examples.

Think like a jobseeker when building your Company Page and you just might impress and convert a few new recruits and prospects in the process.

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