Enjoy More Holidays: Time-Saving Tips to Content Marketing Management

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December 11, 2014

The holiday season is busy for most everyone, including B2B marketers. In fact, many consider scaling back content marketing on LinkedIn and other social platforms. But, the holiday season doesn’t have to mean a drop in engagement. In between listening to Uncle Ray’s outlandish stories and scarfing down a piece of Aunt May’s pecan pie, people are keeping tabs on social feeds with the help of smartphones and tablets.

That means business as usual for content marketers. But can you enjoy the holidays and still meet the demands of your content marketing plan? We've created this checklist of content marketing ideas to help -- so you can get back to the holiday party faster.

3 Time-Saving Tips For Better Content Marketing Management

1. Crowd-source content

One great thing about social media is that your network includes potential content creators. Similar to asking various invited guests to bring snacks, salads, casseroles, and (most importantly) desserts to holiday gatherings, you can seek network contributions to increase online engagement. Just make sure participating is as easy as passing the potatoes.

Actions you might take to crowd-source content include:

o   Ask your connections to share 2015 trends

o   Get network feedback on game-changing ideas from 2014

o   Invite your network to share personal stories

o   Compile contributor comments in a blog post

o   Conduct and publish brief Q&As with industry influencers in your network

Example: Our 'Ask the Expert' Series

2. Repurpose your content

Looking back at 2014, you can likely think of specific initiatives or pieces of content that performed especially well. The holiday season is an excellent time to revisit and repurpose this content. Remember, though, this isn’t “content leftovers” to just nuke in the microwave and serve up. Instead, bring a fresh angle to content to add value.

Ideas for repurposing content include:

o   Recycle an eBook chapter in the form of a blog post

o   Pull out highlights of a whitepaper to use in InMail outreach

o   Compile industry insights from an online forum

o   Repurpose a newsletter to draft a blog post

o   Create an update that highlights popular or common posts from your blog

Example: Content Marketing Institute blog article

3. Curate to create new content

What if you don’t have a ton of content to repurpose or available pieces seem as appealing as week-old leftovers? Curating is a great time-saver you can use to quickly incorporate new material into your content marketing plan. Just make sure to bring your fresh perspective to the existing ideas or information.

Examples of curation include:

o   Create rankings or end of year lists with available online content

o   Share links to content you’ve found insightful

o   Create roundups or recaps of industry events

o   Compile statistics from industry trade groups

o   Create a list of useful SlideShare presentations

Example: Hubspot Blog Article

These content ideas are highly shareable, increasing the possibility that your content will make the rounds on LinkedIn. So, make sure to 'check your list twice' and add some of these tips to maximize your content creation efficiency and save enough time to fully enjoy your holiday season.

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