Extra! Extra! Increase Website and Blog Traffic with Newsjacking Done Right

How to enhance your content marketing by injecting your ideas into a breaking news story.

March 4, 2014


We've all been there. Creating compelling content regularly can tax even the most prolific writers and proficient marketers. What to do when the idea well is running dry?

Enter “newsjacking,” the art and science of injecting ideas into breaking news in order to generate media coverage and social media engagement.

In David Meerman Scott’s book, Newsjacking, content marketing pro’s are coached to take advantage of opportunities that pop up for a fleeting moment, before they disappear.

If done right, newsjacking can be an excellent way to engage your audience, drive traffic to your site and promote your company as an industry thought leader. But, like all content marketing tactics, newsjacking comes with its own list of do’s and don’ts.

Follow these five tips to effectively deploy newsjacking and take your content marketing to new heights:

  1. Set up alerts. Constantly monitor news sources. It’s a must if you want to capture and capitalize on fleeting news. Of course today’s technology makes it pretty simple to subscribe to syndicated feeds of major news outlets and industry journals. You can also use social media to stay on top of what people are talking about most. Monitor what articles are trending on Pulse right at the top of your LinkedIn homepage feed, or check trending hashtags on Twitter to see what’s buzzing, especially during live events.
  2. Integrate keywords. You can enjoy a nice SEO boost with a little keyword strategy. Know which pages on your website you would like to see perform higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). Link to that page from your newsjacked content consistently and you might be able to improve ranking and attract targeted site traffic.
  3. Be original. With newsjacking, you’re usually not the first person reporting on the event, so to compel readership, a new angle is often necessary. Be sure to inject your own opinions or strive to showcase the news from a new – maybe controversial – angle. Controversy can often get more play than straight regurgitation of a story! Try it. Your readership might thank you for it. Just make sure you’re not dismissing your brand with your feisty point of view.
  4. Remove your internal editor. Write quickly without stopping in order to let the freshness of the repurposed news item flow through your creative veins. While we all strive to dot all i’s and cross all T’s, this is not the time to be a perfectionist. Your goal is to be the first to respond to a breaking news story. Let a colleague proofread it, but release your inner editor.
  5. Promote, promote, promote. Don’t stop at drafting a blog post. Amplify, especially via your social channels. Try to compel click-throughs, readership and commenting with pithy promotions. And be sure to ask your readers to share if they agree or disagree with your take on the story. Of course, don’t forget to share your post via your LinkedIn Company Page and promote it with Sponsored Updates to amplify the reach of your content right away. When doing this, you can track success with Company Page Analytics and, best of all, this data can help you understand if your newsjacking is effective by seeing how performance metrics compare against other content.

When done right, newsjacking can result in media mentions, incoming traffic and ultimate brand awareness. With consistent news monitoring, a creative approach and a bit of swift typing (and editing), anyone can deploy newsjacking effectively.

Test out newsjacking today. Your content marketing strategy will thank you!

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