Festivus: A Holiday for Content Marketers

December 20, 2013

festivusmiracle_BlogAs a content marketer, if you're doing the same thing everyone else is doing, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. Some of the most effective content marketers look at what others are doing and ask themselves, how can I break the mold?

That's not to say they ignore the tried-and-true marketing traditions that have stood the test of time. They just like to turn traditional marketing on its head every now and then.

And what better way to discuss putting a twist on traditions – especially this time of year - than Festivus?

Festivus quickly became part of popular culture for those of us who watched Seinfeld in the 90s or the millions more who watched it in syndication. Festivus entirely ignores common holiday traditions and, in doing so, creates a holiday celebration unlike any other. It's a tad ridiculous, and completely fake, but it is totally unique and memorable.

Change things up in your next content planning session by including these four Festivus traditions. If trying one of these tactics does not radically change your content marketing on LinkedIn, at the very least it will make for a memorable meeting.

The Festivus pole – The tradition begins with a bare aluminum pole, which Frank praises for its "very high strength-to-weight ratio." It requires no decoration because George’s father finds tinsel “distracting”. A good piece of content can be thought of in the same way. What’s your content’s relevance to usefulness ratio? It doesn’t need to be flashy, cost a lot of money, or be draped in tinsel before it’s the centerpiece of the party. At its core, it should serve the ultimate purpose: providing value to your customers and prospects.

Airing of grievances – What grinds your audience's gears? Often times the quickest way to your audience's heart is to show them you "get it.” Try to identify and empathize with common problems to show you can speak their language. Social media provides the perfect opportunity to get this kind of feedback. Actually asking your followers about their biggest pet peeves can be a fun way to engage members of your target audience as some will appreciate the opportunity to either vent or learn what industry peers are venting about. Plus, the qualitative data gained from this tactic can vastly improve the accuracy of your messaging.

Feats of strength – Festivus doesn’t end until the head of household is pinned in a wrestling match. We’re not suggesting you stage a royal rumble with the marketing director. Instead, use feats of strength to start from a position of power in your brainstorming sessions. What is your company best at? How many different ways can you relate this to your audience in a customer-centric manner? Are there new tools or tactics you can leverage?

Festivus miracles - These are easily explainable events, like watching your content marketing results on LinkedIn improve when you use Company Page analytics to help guide your strategy. But what fun is that? Call it a Festivus miracle and celebrate!

Research shows that laughter leads to learning. Laughter can break the logjam in your mind, allowing creativity to come to the forefront.

Well-planned, appropriate, contextual humor used in your content marketing on LinkedIn can help your followers retain the information you impart. You can tap into multiple intelligence and information needs that are relevant to your followers’ business culture both in a way they can understand and in a way that’s memorable.

Including a fake holiday scenario in your next content brainstorming session may seem ridiculous, but it’s often the absurd concepts that, with a little adjusting, are transformed into relevant, unique and memorable content marketing.