Dracula Finds New Ways to Kill It on LinkedIn

Follow-Up Interview With a Vampire

October 30, 2014

A few weeks ago, I received the following InMail message from my old friend, Dracula.

Happy Friday Jason!

It’s been way too long, even by my standards. Hope all is well.

Lots happening here. The wife and I are expecting, and if that isn’t enough, “we” decided it would be a good idea to add a new puppy to the mix. This labradoodle doesn’t listen to a word I say. It has chewed up everything I own, including my new diploma (oh yeah, I got my master’s degree in June).

Anywho, remember when you interviewed me about my LinkedIn marketing strategy last year? We should do that again. Guessing you’ll want to do it around Halloween. It’s cliché, but I get it. I’m open every afternoon except Monday (“volunteering” for a blood drive). Hit me back.


Dracula, MBA

I agreed to the interview. After all, Drac shared excellent advice during our interview last year. So without further delay, let’s see what LinkedIn marketing advice he has in store for us this year.

Follow-Up Interview with a Vampire: Dracula Finds New Ways to Kill It on LinkedIn

LinkedIn: Hey Drac, last year you were focusing on social listening and it really impacted your results. What are you focusing on now?

Dracula: There’s so much going on. Where do I begin? [silence]

LinkedIn: [silence] Oh! You are actually asking where to begin?

Dracula: If you don’t mind providing some direction, yes. I seriously have no idea where to start. I was flying around ‘til dawn and my head is killing me. Sonar migraines are the worst.

LinkedIn: Um, okay, sorry to hear about that. Have you added anything new into your marketing mix since the last time we spoke?

Dracula: In fact, I have! Recently, I’ve started “sinking my teeth” into native advertising – the hottest trend in content marketing right now. It’s really helped to expand my reach and engage the right people. I’m not like that brainless beast, the werewolf – we’re not currently on speaking terms, by the way – who just howls marketing messages to anyone who will listen. No. I segment, test, and refine my messaging. I’m what you’d call a sophisticated marketer. Hey, I should put out some sort of “sophisticated” series for marketers. I think there’s potential there.

LinkedIn: Did you attend any big marketing events this year, Drac?

Dracula: Yeah, events aren’t really my thang so I stopped attending them. I keep reading about the advantages of in-person networking but for whatever reason it doesn’t work for me. I can connect with people online but once I meet them in person the relationship fizzles. It’s bizarre.

LinkedIn: That is bizarre. Any big ideas you’re currently working on?

Dracula: You know me. I’m always on the hunt for new ideas, or as I like to call it, ‘fresh blood’. I’ve got a patent pending for RedBlood, a carbonated energy drink with 37x more caffeine than regular energy drinks. It’s perfect for marketers who need to stay up all night to catching up with and creating content. We’ll probably come out with some catchy eBook about it.

LinkedIn: Nice! Do you also plan to share it on LinkedIn’s publishing platform?

Dracula: Yes, of course! You’re following me, right?

LinkedIn: Not yet, but I can.

Dracula: Okay, great. Please see that you do. Yes, I’ve been publishing a new post every month or so. People seem to love my content. I think it’s because I’ve been focusing on storytelling. For a thousand years I’ve been going straight for the jugular. Turns out I should have been aiming for the heart all along.

LinkedIn: Awesome to hear. Keep up the good work.

Dracula: You know I will. Hey, you like puppies, right?

LinkedIn: Until next year, Drac.

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