From Awareness to Engagement to Conversion: How Zuora Achieved the Path to B2B Marketing Bliss

June 20, 2013

Only 40 percent of B2B marketers believe that that their online marketing mix is meeting the needs of the sales pipeline, and 43 percent reported a slowing of the sales cycle according to a recent survey by BtoB Magazine. B2B marketers are hungry for more effective ways to reach target audiences. And once they do capture the attention of these prospects, marketers must work hard at keeping them engaged for longer periods of time before a potential purchase decision is made.

The trap that some marketers have fallen into is a reliance on the “low hanging fruit”—the small population of prospects that are actively searching for related solutions—by focusing on bottom-funnel channels such as paid search, SEO, etc. These marketers not only overlook the opportunity to reach and influence a larger amount of prospects that aren’t yet in “search mode,” but also risk not being on the shortlist of potential vendors once the prospect finally begins considering a purchase.

So how do you go about finding the right target audience online, and keeping them engaged throughout the buying process?

Here’s the story of how Zuora, a cloud-based software company that supports businesses managing a subscription business model, achieved these goals. Zuora used distinct targeted display advertising strategies and metrics designed to make an impact at every stage of the marketing funnel to meet its objectives and appease the needs of its sales team.

Alongside other channels such as search and email, Zuora used display advertising to precisely target finance, marketing, and sales executives and decision-makers. The company’s objectives were three-fold: build brand awareness at the top of the funnel, drive initial website engagement as prospects progressed through the middle of the funnel, and generate leads and conversions at the bottom of the funnel.

Using a full-funnel approach to display advertising, Zuora was able to make an impact at every stage of the funnel, including:

    • Increasing page views by 182% and produce a 21% increase in brand recall amongst its target audience.
    • Driving a targeted and more engaged audience to its website—those exposed to Zuora’s display ads were 42% more likely to view multiple Web pages.
    • Generating more than 1,000 conversions from audiences exposed to Zuora’s brand and products via display ads.

By using a well-balanced mix of programs and strategies for a truly “full-funnel” marketing approach, Zuora’s success story begins by driving more website visits from specific business audiences, and ends with more conversions and sales pipeline. For a complete breakdown of Zuora’s full-funnel marketing story, download the case study here.

This post was originally published on the Bizo blog. In July 2014, LinkedIn + Bizo joined forces to build the most robust B2B marketing platform available to marketers. To learn more, check out David Thacker, VP of Product at LinkedIn’s announcement blog post.

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