Get Started With Content Marketing On LinkedIn [SLIDESHOW]

July 11, 2013

LinkedIn has evolved into a professional publishing platform with considerable opportunities for content marketing. In fact, recent data shows that our members' engagement with content on LinkedIn is six times greater than with jobs-related properties. The reason? LinkedIn members are constantly seeking insights and information related to their industry, and that includes relevant content posted by thought leaders and companies like yours. As a marketer, you can capitalize on this trend by providing compelling content about your industry that's specifically targeted to your audience, thus extending the reach of your brand.

In our "Guide to Getting Started with Content Marketing," you'll learn about all the publishing tools LinkedIn has to offer, as well as how best to communicate with your audience and engage with them on our platform. This guide will prepare you for better identifying your audience, reaching out to them, and delivering relevant and digestible content that increases engagement and encourages sharing. Effective content marketing on LinkedIn goes beyond regularly posting updates to your content hubs--it also requires that you start a genuine conversation with other members on the topics that matter to them.

Content is our core at LinkedIn. Make it part of your core by using this guide. You'll immediately learn how you can target your ideal audience, publish content relevant to them, and extend your content by starting a conversation. When you've finished reading our guide, we've also created a resource center where you can find even more information to help you as you get started with LinkedIn content marketing.