How Can I Use the Company Page Notification Center to Better Market My Brand on LinkedIn? #AskLMS

May 29, 2015

Welcome to Ask LMS, where LinkedIn Marketing Solutions answers your questions about marketing on LinkedIn, content marketing, and more. Our question today comes from Jay, who submitted his question to us via On our last episode we answered the question, 'How Can Two International Colleagues Collaborate Over a LinkedIn Campaign?' In our latest edition in the series, we tackle the Company Page Notification Center.

Jay asks: How can I use the Company Page Notification Center to better market my brand on LinkedIn?


How Can I Use the Company Page Notification Center to Better Market My Brand on LinkedIn? #AskLMS from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Thanks for asking, Jay! The Company Pages Notification Center is where you can manage and monitor your company’s LinkedIn presence, helping you create compelling conversations with your audience. Here’s what you can do with the Notification Center:

  • See an overview of the likes, comments, and shares your company has received
  • View all public mentions of your company on LinkedIn
  • Engage with individual LinkedIn members as your company rather than as yourself
  • Receive an aggregated notification about your Company Page rather than multiple notifications, so it doesn’t interfere with your personal LinkedIn notifications

Remember, anyone who engages with your brand is a potential brand advocate. The Notification Center is your starting point for identifying opportunities to dialogue with LinkedIn members interested in and responding to your brand’s message. By engaging with them, you can drive word of mouth, generate customer satisfaction, and even help your content go viral. Make sure you don’t miss any opportunities to engage with your audience – check out the Notification Center today!

Thanks to Jay for his great question. As a special thanks, Jay will receive a physical copy of both The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn, along with a very special limited edition Ask LMS T-shirt.

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