How Digital and Social Resources Impacts the Commercial Insurance Industry

April 15, 2015

When you think about the disruption of traditional sales and marketing caused by digital and social media today, the commercial insurance sectors may not immediately come to mind. However, the fact is that every player in the commercial insurance buying and selling ecosystem – that is, agents, brokers, and clients – rely on these channels to be successful at their jobs. While clients turn to sources like LinkedIn for information, advice, and insights, agents and brokers use these same channels to bolster their professional knowledge, build relationships, and win business.

That’s what we found when we surveyed nearly 500 LinkedIn members in the U.S. who make commercial insurance decisions at their companies and nearly 300 members who sell commercial insurance as brokers or agents. Our survey unearthed some interesting facts:

  • The commercial insurance ecosystem relies heavily on a range of digital and social sources, notably professional networks – and plans to do so to a greater extent in the future
  • More than three in four clients relied on professional networks like LinkedIn to discover, consider, and/or validate information pertaining to their role

After reviewing these findings, the business opportunity is clear. Agents and brokers can position themselves for success on LinkedIn by following these best practices:


Want to learn more? Download our research eBook and find out:

  • How commercial insurance clients feel about their interactions with agents/brokers in social media channels
  • How they plan to use professional networks next year
  • What perspectives and information clients seek on LinkedIn to inform their decisions about insurance and the agents/brokers they choose to work with

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