How Do You Get The Most Out Of Your LinkedIn Content Efforts?

May 19, 2014


On May 14, we hosted a webcast on LinkedIn content marketing best practices. The event was well-attended, and there were so many questions asked, we could not answer them all within the hour. Here are a few of them, along with a couple of the most commonly asked questions from the event:

1. Can you share any best practices for how often to post to a company page? How much is too much?

  • A: We recommend no more than 3-4 times per day, and many companies find 2 times per day is manageable. The most common posting times are at the beginning and end of the work day. Just remember that professionals do not stop reading interesting content when they leave work; they just switch to the LinkedIn app on a mobile device.

2. Can you talk about the mechanics of how Sponsored Updates are displayed in the newsfeed? I notice a steep drop-off in clicks after an update is 2-3 days old. Do older updates generally appear below the fold, etc.?

  • A: A sponsored update is basically an ad unit, and you bid to win the impression. Content relevancy plays a big role. If you are seeing a drop-off in clicks after only a couple of days, it typically means you are losing the auction. Either your post is less engaging than the ones your competitors are posting, or you need to increase your bid. An engaging sponsored update can get great reach and click-through for as long as a month or more if the bid is competitive.

3. Can you send a link for the "content food group" blog / article you mentioned earlier? 

4. Any best practices for growing subscribers to the company page?­

  • A: You can grow company page followers in many ways. Here are my top 3:
    1. Paid: if you have the advertising budget to support your follower growth efforts, reach out to your LinkedIn marketing solutions sales rep and ask about follower ads.
    2. As a by-product of a Sponsored Updates campaign: when you promote a Sponsored Update, there is a 1-click follow option in that post. We see a small percentage of Sponsored Update clicks on that follow action.
    3. Embed a Company Follow button on your website, in your email campaigns, or any other place where your prospects and customers engage with your brand off of LinkedIn. Go to to find the free plug-in.

5. I haven't done paid posts on LinkedIn yet but want to. Where could I find more information on how to do this?

  • A: Go to and click on the yellow “get started” button. It’s that easy!

Want more LinkedIn Content best practices? Watch the full webcast here.

*Photo source: Constant Contact