How LinkedIn Ads Partner Unified Social is Driving B2B Leads with Sponsored Updates

July 27, 2015

unified social

Unified Social is a Certified LinkedIn Ads partner that provides major global brands real-time expertise to help manage their paid campaigns across social networks. Unified Social is also a thriving tech startup, motivated to drive more B2B leads to its own sales team to expand its growing business.

We partnered with Unified’s client services team to hone their B2B expertise on LinkedIn. Leveraging LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities to engage senior marketing decision makers with Sponsored Updates, Unified layered on its multi-generational tracking technology to track the earned media of its campaign -- including the resulting activity from Dark Social.

The resulting campaigns drove impressive results for Unified:

  • 36% under eCPA goal for leads
  • 19% conversion rate—2X Unified’s benchmark
  • 143 leads from Senior Marketers in a two week period

The next step is to revisit these leads over the long-term to measure the positive impact on actual sales and ROI.

Read the full case study here:

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