How LinkedIn Content Ads Helped ExactTarget Engage A New Audience [VIDEO]

December 19, 2013

Guest Author: Katie Blair is the Global Advertising Manager at ExactTarget, a company.

At ExactTarget, our mission and goal is, and has always been, to inspire and enable the world’s best marketers. With offices in five continents, we are constantly looking for new ways to drive demand for our cloud-based marketing software among our international audience. Content marketing on LinkedIn is an ideal solution for us because it allows us to not only identify our audience, but also understand the proper context for engaging with this diverse group of marketers.

We have a good sense of the titles we need to reach to drive business, and content marketing on LinkedIn allows us to identify and engage with that specific audience we want to reach.

How LinkedIn Content Marketing Has Helped Us Drive Business

Because of our comprehensive product suite across email, mobile, social and the web, and because we’re in so many countries, we need to understand the context of our audience in order to deliver targeted, relevant messages. LinkedIn has been a great partner for us, and we’ve leveraged LinkedIn for a lot of demand generation efforts to reach other likeminded marketers with the right message to the right person at the right time. The ability to get relevant content in front of our audience in an interactive way using SlideShare Content Ads was something we were eager to try.

For this specific campaign, the creative we put out was 140 Mobile Marketing Tips and Tricks that marketers could engage with to get some fresh ideas and concepts.

We used SlideShare Content Ads to:

  • Deliver creative content that our marketing audience could engage with
  • Develop new relationships amongst a hard-to-reach audience
  • Ignite conversations with new prospects
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Produce an effective cost-per-lead ratio

The Results

Around 94% of the leads that interacted with our campaign were new to ExactTarget, and roughly a third of the brands that we interacted with were top enterprise organizations that don’t normally respond to advertising. The number of leads we generated produced a favorable cost-per-lead ratio and, even better, the campaign generated several new business opportunities.

By leveraging the targeting abilities LinkedIn offers, we were able to identify our exact audience, and because we were also able to understand the context of our audience, this campaign really enabled us to deliver an incredible experience with the audience we wanted to reach.

You can learn more about how ExactTarget achieved results using LinkedIn in the case study video below:


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