How LinkedIn Followers Boost the Samsung Mobile Brand [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 21, 2013

Samsung Mobile recently completed a successful campaign on LinkedIn to build relationships with early adopters and influencers with a passion for consumer technology. The results demonstrated the high quality and value of the 165,000 professionals it acquired as followers. Using LinkedIn’s Company Page and Status Updates, Samsung Mobile built valuable relationships with its most desired audiences, boosting word-of-mouth for its latest products.

“The business professional is a very important target for Samsung,” explains Heesun Kim, Director of Integrated Launching Marketing for Samsung Mobile. “Through LinkedIn we are working to identify and empower influential brand advocates to increase word of mouth and awareness of our products.”

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How LinkedIn Followers Boost the Samsung Mobile Brand

Samsung Mobile’s followers are precisely who the company wants to build relationships with – an affluent, influential audience of active smartphone shoppers. These followers:  

  1. Are in-market for a new smartphone: In fact, 88% are looking for a new one in the next 12 months.
  2. Have money to spend: 44% of followers have household incomes over $100,000.
  3. Influence the tech decisions of others: 78% of followers are the technology decision makers in their household.
  4. Are only on LinkedIn: 55% of followers follow Samsung Mobile only on LinkedIn and not on other social platforms.

Of course, acquiring quality followers is only the first step – Samsung Mobile is also keeping them engaged. After polling their followers and discovering they wanted to read about new product launches, news about the company, and advice on how to get the most out of their Samsung Mobile purchases, Samsung Mobile began delivering this information via Company Page status updates. The follower engagement has been powerful, over half of followers say they feel closer to Samsung Mobile, and 76% feel more up to date. Even more importantly, followers are three times more likely to consider and twice as likely to recommend Samsung Mobile.

Partnering with LinkedIn to create a targeted, active follower base for a LinkedIn Company Page enables brands to speak directly to the precise audience that’s most valuable to them. Learn how you can create value for your brand by building relationships with a high-quality audience of professionals – contact us today.