How LinkedIn + Richard Branson Drove Access to Over 350,000 Professionals for UQ Business School [VIDEO]

August 22, 2013

The University of Queensland Business School approached LinkedIn to engage business professionals and to promote their event, 'NEXT? The Future of Business Q&A,’ which proudly featured Sir Richard Branson as a panel member. The campaign, which consolidated on the strategic repositioning and rebranding for the School, aimed to articulate how the research-intensive Business School championed the idea of ‘challenging the future’.   

One of the biggest challenges in the campaign was finding and engaging business influencers in a meaningful and relevant way. This is one area where LinkedIn was able to help. At the heart of the LinkedIn campaign was a Custom API Solution, which captured LinkedIn member data to provide a highly personalized and engaging user experience on the event website. The event was promoted across LinkedIn to drive the target audience of business professionals to the custom site. After engaging on the site, members were able to publish their activity to their LinkedIn feed, which amplified the key messages of UQ Business School to the wider business community.

 The result?

 “The NEXT? campaign has been highly rewarding for UQ Business School,” said Professor Andrew Griffiths, Dean of UQ Business School. “We’ve seen greater interest from prospective students across the full range of our under and postgraduate programs including our globally top ranked MBA program. Engagement with business has increased too with more wanting to be involved with a top flight Business School. LinkedIn played a key role in our campaign to target exactly the right audience in a cost effective, entertaining and engaging way.” 

 Watch the video below to learn more about the campaign, including how LinkedIn delivered over 3 million impressions and reached over 350,000 business professionals for UQ Business School:

 Want more? Download the full case study here.