How LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Helped Bislr Drive High-Quality, High-Value Leads

October 30, 2013

Gonzalo Mannucci is Head of Demand Generation at Bislr Inc.BislrLogo

Like most B2B marketers, our team at Bislr is constantly looking for new, effective ways to drive leads. Not just any leads. We want high-quality leads for our marketing automation solutions that are likely to convert.

And to find high-quality leads we leverage an approach that incorporates testing various channels, including LinkedIn for lead generation. We’ve found LinkedIn consistently performs well against search and other social networks.

We knew we wanted to try LinkedIn Sponsored Updates almost immediately after learning about it. The timing was great because our next step at Bislr was to find a way to combine paid demand generation campaigns with social sharing, and Sponsored Updates supported our goals of a favorable cost-value ratio, along with high-quality lead generation and conversion.

We also felt Sponsored Updates would help us increase lead volume by growing our brand awareness. The idea that we could display relevant content directly alongside organic content in the LinkedIn feeds of the exact members we were looking to reach appealed to us.

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

With Sponsored Updates, we were able to combine the benefits of targeting LinkedIn’s high-value professional audience with a tool that lets people share and comment on our news and updates.

We used Sponsored Updates to:

  • Target marketing leadership and demand generation managers
  • Capture leads using e-books and research that highlight our expertise
  • Start conversations with prospects
  • Gain brand awareness beyond initial targets thanks to social sharing
  • Get fast feedback using engagement metrics for content and updates

The Results

Not only were we able to increase conversion rates, we were able to do so at a lower cost per lead with higher lead quality. We generated 3x the click-to-conversion rate seen on other leading social channels.

We’re reaching the right people, and we’re sparking organic sharing activity. Currently, it’s the best ad vehicle for an investment in long-term engagement, as well as immediate lead generation. Additionally, lead volume from Sponsored Updates has consistently met or exceeded our targets.

Simply put, we have found that our targeting capabilities are unmatched by any other social channel when we use LinkedIn for lead generation.

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