How Marketers Can Make Inroads with U.S. and Canadian High Net Worth Individuals on LinkedIn

February 3, 2015

If you’re a marketer for a bank, financial advisor or financial service firm, you know it can be challenging to glean the investing preferences and habits of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). That’s why we undertook research into this important market segment – to help you understand how to reach and influence HNWIs on social media.

We’ve distilled our findings into easily digestible eBooks that provide an overview of HNWIs in key regions around the world, starting with the U.S. and Canada. Within them you’ll find eye-opening statistics, insight into the unique behaviors and expectations of HNWIs, as well as guidance on how to stay relevant, trusted, and connected with this audience.

Want a taste of what we found? Here’s what stood out in regard to U.S.-based HNWIs:

Key Takeaways about U.S.-based HNWIs

  • 70% use social media – and their usage is high across all asset ranges from affluent to the uber affluent
  • 62% of those using social media access LinkedIn weekly
  • 25% of them turn to social networks for financial purposes

And here are the key takeaways from our research into Canada-based HNWIs:

Key Takeaways about Canada-based HNWIs

  • 85% use social media
  • 64% access social media on tablets and 60% on smartphones
  • 45% prefer LinkedIn over other sites offering financial information
  • 56% are triggered to take further action after finding the financial information they seek

Want even more insights into HNWIs? Download our eBooks specific for the U.S. and for Canada to find out:

  • The top reasons they use social media
  • The type of financial information they want to see
  • Actions they take after finding the information they want
  • Recommendations for best engaging this audience

Stay tuned for the release of eBooks summarizing the findings of our research into HNWIs in other key markets. In the meantime, join us for an exclusive webcast as we discuss best practices and key insights around how marketers can build trust and nurture HNWI relationships on social media with our panel of industry experts from Kasina and Capgemini.