How Six Brands Are Winning with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

Success Stories from Capgemini, HubSpot, Lenovo and more

November 24, 2014


We know how proud you feel when you get something right. That moment of success is worth celebrating, worth shining a spotlight on.

Today, we’re excited to shine a light on success stories of six brands on LinkedIn. Our goal is simple: To help you find inspiration and the right content to achieve your next big marketing success story.

Sponsored Updates Hits It Mark

In July 2013, LinkedIn launched Sponsored Updates, a content marketing solution designed to help companies like yours reach the right professionals in the LinkedIn feed. Over the past year, we have seen many brands succeed with content marketing on LinkedIn.

But how does a company really drive success with this product? And how are Sponsored Updates contributing to larger marketing objectives? This new eBook shines a light on answers to these questions.

Results Worth Sharing Are In Reach

Download our free guide to learn:

  • How brands like Lenovo, HSBC, Skillsoft, Nissan and more are using Sponsored Updates to achieve marketing goals
  • Why content is key to success and the types of content that work best for these leading brands
  • What top marketing leaders think of LinkedIn and the impact Sponsored Updates is having on their marketing results
  • Tangible tips to help drive success with your next Sponsored Updates campaign

So, dive in-and get started achieving your own results worth sharing today.