How Sponsored Updates Worked for HootSuite and Can For You

July 31, 2013

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Three months ago, HootSuite, an industry leader in social media management tools, became a pilot partner for LinkedIn Sponsored Updates. The partnership provided HootSuite a way to distribute relevant, professional content in the LinkedIn feed and ultimately drive qualified leads within HootSuite’s target audience of marketing decision makers.

HootSuite saw strong performance over the course of the campaign. Not only was the process for sponsoring content within the LinkedIn feed easy to execute, allowing campaign managers to optimize ads on the fly, the campaign was also incredibly effective compared to other paid channels.  With Sponsored Updates, HootSuite saw 32% lower cost per form fill when compared to an aggregate of all other paid channels, and a 22.8x higher conversion rate when compared to banner advertising on other platforms.

With the ability to target the right professionals in the LinkedIn feed, HootSuite was able to promote their thought leadership and educational content to a qualified audience who were more receptive to their messages, and therefore more likely to convert.  

Read more about how HootSuite’s experience can help you take advantage of Sponsored Updates, including 4 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, on the HootSuite blog.

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