How-To Succeed With LinkedIn Sponsored Updates: 3 Easy Tips to Get Started

August 13, 2013

Over 238 million professionals are on LinkedIn today, making it the single largest community of educated and influential people on the planet. If you want to ensure your brand extends to reach this important audience, Sponsored Updates in the LinkedIn feed are the best way to raise brand awareness, build relationships with these influential LinkedIn members and attract quality leads for your business.

By sponsoring an update, you can target the people who will find it most relevant – even if they are not already following your Company Page on LinkedIn. Plus, Sponsored Update campaigns are easy to manage, allowing you the opportunity to optimize this targeting as you go.

Getting started is simple: all you need is a LinkedIn Company Page and advertising account.

To begin:

1. Simply log in to your account at and select “Sponsor An Update" on your campaign manager homepage.

2. From here, you can name your campaign, choose your language, and select which Company Page you would like to sponsor updates for.

3. You will then see a menu of Company Page updates that you can sponsor right from this campaign manager page, or you can visit your Company Page and click the “Sponsor Update” button directly below the update itself.

Watch this video for a guided tutorial:

In just a few clicks, your Sponsored Updates will be reaching your target audience on LinkedIn across desktop, smartphone and tablet. So, what are you waiting for?

Get started sponsoring your Company Page updates in the LinkedIn feed today.