How to Amplify your Webinar: Sitecore's Success Story

September 19, 2015


Creating a great webinar with insightful information is one thing, but to get people to show up and sit through it is an entirely different game. We all know effective webinars can help build customer relationships and generate leads, but how do you immediately accelerate the growth of your audience? Sitecore, a customer management company, found a way.

Most companies take simple steps to ensure they draw a crowd to their webinar, including:

  • Blogging about the webinar on the company website
  • Emailing the database
  • Reaching out to affiliates and business partners to help promote the event
  • Offering the webinar as a thank-you gift to prospects

Combining strong promotional activity with an engaging webinar is more likely to give you a steady flow of leads, but how do you hit your webinar with the jolt in the arm it needs to expedite audience growth?

This was the problem Sitecore faced with its newly produced webinar series, Digital Survivors. The company didn’t have a major audience for the webinar series, which featured industry thought leaders and business partners.

Sitecore used traditional Australian marketing digital channels, such as Mumbrella, AdNews and B&T to grow the webinar’s audience. However, company marketing director Nicole Stirling remembered working with LinkedIn to achieve great results on a previous project and saw an opportunity to expand the reach of their marketing activity.

“We did a LinkedIn campaign with Microsoft and we saw a great response rate, and that was just with a whitepaper,” Stirling says. “At the time I thought, ‘I would love to see how LinkedIn would work with something much more interactive.’”

Sitecore used LinkedIn Sponsored InMail feature to send targeted messages to 6,000 professionals, which ended up boosting the average audience in the webinar series from 300 to 800 people. LinkedIn Sponsored InMail allows marketers to target a specific audience by location and by business demographics, such as company size, industry, and job title.

“LinkedIn has been so successful that we continued to use it to find attendees and then promote the road show events. It was initially just a six-month plan but, since the great results, we already have our next six-month plan,” Stirling says.

Read the full case study of Sitecore’s LinkedIn Sponsored InMail campaign, which provides insight into how the team gathered more granular data and more than doubled their webinar audience.

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