How to Channel Your Inner Digital Marketing Overachiever

September 17, 2014

For many, school is officially back in full swing. Backpacks are being filled with textbooks, lunches are being packed, and students everywhere are being urged to study hard, aim high, and do their best to attain a position on that ever-elusive honor roll. (And parents, well, they just want the chance to put one of those honor roll bumper stickers on their car.)

As B2B marketers working in the "real world," it can be hard to maintain that honor roll mentality, especially when you've got an increasing number of responsibilities on your to-do list, and not a lot of time during the day to accomplish all of it. However, it's still critical to think of ways to go beyond our normal "to-dos" and really stretch our ways of approaching traditional digital marketing challenges. Here are a few ways to bring back the spirit of the honor roll to your marketing organization -- and channel that inner overachiever -- even in the working world.

Here are a Few Ways to Channel Your Inner Digital Marketing Overachiever

Set aside time with your team devoted to "thinking big."

You probably already have a regularly scheduled marketing team meeting dedicated to discussing project execution and near-term goals. Instead of relying on this time to squeeze in grander thoughts, add in an extra meeting every other week that is dedicated to thinking big. Encourage all of your team members to come to these meetings with new ideas, no matter how off the wall they may be, and reassure people that every contribution they make will be valuable.

Never be happy with being an "industry average."

We recently conducted a survey on The State of B2B Lead Nurturing, in which a majority of B2B marketers say that their email open rates never exceed 20 percent. When you hear a statistic like this, it can be tempting to think to yourself, "at least our email open rates are within this industry average."

Never be happy with being an industry average. Start to identify ways that your team can set the benchmark even higher, especially when it comes to the strategies and tactics that have become commonplace in your marketing mix.

Explore new technologies that could change the your B2B marketing forever.

It's never easy to adopt new ways of doing things, much less the technologies to support them. Let's go back to the email marketing example. If you've been using email marketing to nurture existing contacts in your database, and your results have plateaued, it's time to explore how a multi-channel nurturing solution that reaches these leads beyond the inbox might be able to improve your conversion rates. Or if social advertising has always been something you've wanted to get better at, dedicate some time and resources to optimizing this channel for your organization.

Your backpack-toting days may be long behind you. But you still have the opportunity to channel your inner overachiever when it comes to B2B digital marketing -- and enjoy the amazing results that come with it.

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This post was originally published on the Bizo blog. In July 2014, LinkedIn + Bizo joined forces to build the most robust B2B marketing platform available to marketers. To learn more, check out David Thacker, VP of Product at LinkedIn’s announcement blog post.

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