How to Create an Oktoberfest Aura with Your Brand

October 20, 2014

Oktoberfest gathers beer connoisseurs from around the world for a weeks-long festival in southern Germany. A staple of German culture for generations, the event emphasizes the ideals of cheerfulness and peace of mind. The Germans call this ideal gemütlichkeit (geh-moo-leek-kite). It is the Oktoberfest brand, referring to an experience that induces warmness while promoting a sense of belonging, social acceptance, and coziness. Oktoberfest celebrators across the world strive to celebrate in this fashion, with or without the occasional beverage.

Take a moment to apply this concept to your brand. When you think about your brand's content marketing campaigns, do they express a form of gemütlichkeit? Do you work to create emotional ties with your audience? It took the Germans centuries to perfect this ideal, but you only need a follow a few steps to utilize it for your LinkedIn marketing needs.

Calming the Mind

Marketers can stimulate the emotions of their audiences in various ways. For example, perhaps the first phase of a campaign is to create general awareness and excitement. The next step for marketers should then include calming the customer’s mind to relieve any lingering fears or concerns.

Target Marketing’s Gary Hennerberg notes that any campaign that includes FUD (fear, uncertainly, doubt) should immediately be followed by “dangling a carrot in front of your audience to moderate their mood.”

How can you calm the mind of your audience on LinkedIn? Try these ideas:

  • Create a Sponsored Update that answers a hot-button industry question.
  • Mix emotional with rational. Ask a FUD question in LinkedIn Groups, and collect the responses from members. Then, follow-up with content meant to reveal the solution.
  • Create whitepapers or other pieces of fulfillment that answers questions and overcomes objections. Then take it a step further and give this content away for free. Our recent tech marketers study found that 75% of IT buyers reject vendors who gate all their content.

Promoting Social Acceptance

Sure, Oktoberfest attendees come for the beer – but they also come for the camaraderie. Gemütlichkeit also promotes a feeling of social acceptance, where people can celebrate with old friends and make new ones.

How do you make your audience feel accepted on LinkedIn? Start with these steps:

  • Give the digital microphone to your employees, and have them share their stories on Company Page updates. This helps humanize your brand and provide different perspectives which can reach unique segments of your audience.
  • Leverage crowd-sourced content and feature industry and/or topically relevant authorities to build relationships.
  • Highlight successful Group discussions on Company and Showcase Page updates, and promote groups to visible status on these pages. This can foster new connections by opening Group members to wider audiences.

Lift your steins and toast to Oktoberfest and the ideal of gemütlichkeit. It just might help you create stronger relationships with your audience on LinkedIn. Learn more about building trust with your content with this eBook on The Mindset Divide.

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